Realtor divides viewers after finding “creepy” hidden room overlooking bathtub

Meera Jacka
Realtor divides viewers after finding creepy hidden room overlooking bathtub

A realtor has split viewers on TikTok after discovering a hidden room overlooking the bathtub inside a house she was showing.

Finding hidden rooms inside a house or building has long been a sure way to go viral on TikTok, with countless cases making headlines for the secrets found inside.

However, hidden rooms can sometimes be used for nefarious reasons, with internet users sharing their unsettling experiences of being spied on or discovering peepholes.

Now one realtor is dividing viewers with a new secret room found in the bathroom of a house she was showing, and it seems no one can decide whether it’s “creepy” or not.

Real estate agent Lauren Rockel took to TikTok to post the hidden room, which can only be accessed from inside the bathroom by swinging open a built-in cabinet. Introducing herself by stating she loves “weird real estate,” Lauren said, “Secret rooms are one of my absolute favorite things to find when I’m showing homes.”

“I was showing this house, turned the corner, and noticed some hinges on the outside of this built-in cabinet,” she explained. “Sure enough, it is a secret room. Just probably a storage room, but still a secret room nonetheless.”

Yet one part of the room design left Lauren and viewers alike scratching their heads — a window overlooking the bathtub.

“The way I’d have to check to make sure no one’s in there every time I go to the bathroom,” one person wrote. Another agreed, commenting, “Absolutely not. I’d always think someone was watching me.”

Not everyone was opposed though, with one TikTok user claiming, “I’m fine with it, but only cause the entrance is in the bathroom as well, not a different room.”

Some even thought of plans on how the secret room could be used to terrify guests; “Imagine putting two red lights back there to look like eyes.”