Couple call police after discovering secret room behind bookcase in their home

Kawter Abed
Couple discovers secret room in their home

An Iowa couple was astounded after finding a secret room behind a bookcase in their home, which they have lived in for four years.

TikToker Aurora Blazingstar (kids_up_in_here) and her partner discovered the hidden room after removing the carpet in their basement, only to find a sliding drywall pocket door.

In a viral clip, Aurora filmed her husband pushing a section of a wall out of the way, revealing an open metal door that led to a small room. “What the f**k, we have never seen this in our house and we have lived here for four years,” she said.

Inside the long and narrow mysterious room, they found a drain, a functional light switch with a bulb, several mats, and “rust” patches on the floor.

The couple speculated various potential uses for the room by the former homeowners, suggesting it could have been a bomb shelter, panic room, or even a gun safe.

TikTok users in the comments were very disturbed by the discovery. “I’d be calling an exorcist and the cops,” one person wrote. “Panic rooms do NOT HAVE THE LOCK ON THE OUTSIDE!” another said.

“That screams murder room. You can only open the door from the outside, there is a floor drain and ‘rust’ on the floor,” a third commented. “Have the police come in and look at that,” someone else added.

In a follow-up video, Aurora revealed that the local police had been called to investigate the secret room, but no evidence of any crime was discovered. “They did not see any signs of crime,” the TikToker said.

“They did not see anything that looked like DNA evidence that needed to be collected, but they were really impressed on how the room was hidden and thought it was really cool.”

Last month, a realtor went viral after finding a “creepy” hidden room overlooking the bathtub inside a house she was showing.

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