Woman horrified by ‘decomposing body stain’ in Zillow listing

Michael Gwilliam
tiktoker exposes nasty house listing on zillowTikTok/bobbiecurtislee

A woman is going viral for exposing a home real estate listing on Zillow that completely ignores what is supposedly a giant stain left by a decomposing body.

House listings can come in many bizarre forms, but normally a major flaw with a residence is referenced in its description, but that isn’t the case for a home in Tacoma, Washington.

In a new video making rounds on TikTok, horror content creator ‘bobbiecurtislee’ exposed a house listing on Zillow that seems normal enough until you get to a room that has some explaining to do.

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“I’m absolutely shocked by this house,” Bobbie said. “Like, nothing could have prepared me for it.”

Woman finds “decomp” stain in Zillow real estate listing

The TikToker notes that when she found the listing originally, she felt that it wasn’t a bad place for the price, but as she kept going through pictures, it only got worse.

Once she got through an awkward bathroom with weird window placement, the next photo from the listing blew her away completely.

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A bedroom with boarded up windows was next and on the floor was a stain that bobbiecurtislee says is from a decomposing body.

“That is a whole decomp stain,” she explained. “Nowhere in the listing does it explain what this is. I even took it upon myself to look up the address… nothing. Couldn’t find anything.”

The listing’s description calls the property an “ideal investment,” but notes that it is in need of some remodeling work.

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“That picture speaks for itself,” the TikToker concluded.

Users in the comments were equally as baffled by the listing with some amazed by the lack of effort to clean up the stain while still selling the property for $262,500. Others took to Twitter/X to criticize the home, commenting that there was no garage in addition to the nasty stain.

As freaky as this may be, it’s hardly the first listing to raise some eyebrows. Last year, a Canadian woman went viral exposing a roommate listing that would require the tenant to sleep in the same bed as her.

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