NPC Miles Morales furiously breaks character at viewers for not liking or sending gifts

Virginia Glaze

TikTok’s famous NPC Miles Morales streamer broke character in a viral tirade toward viewers for not liking his content and sending gifts.

In an April 2024 broadcast, popular TikTok NPC streamer ‘,’ known for imitating Marvel’s Miles Morales, broke character in a furious tirade after viewers failed to send any gifts during a ten-minute period — despite 11,000 people supposedly watching the broadcast.

“There’s 11,000 people in here,” he said. “There’s 11,000 f*cking people in here, and you guys are not tapping the screen, okay? Make sure you’re tapping the screen. There’s 11,000 people in here.”

“Tap the goddamn screen, okay? Tap the goddamn screen. You see this button right here? Press the f*cking button, okay? Press the f*cking button.”

After his spiel, the streamer returned to business as usual, getting back into character to thank a viewer for their follow. “You guys are amazing!” he said in Miles’ voice.

A clip from the stream has gone viral across social media as users pour in with comments poking fun at the TikToker’s outburst.

“He was getting desperate,” one user wrote on Twitter/X. “Maybe rent was due.”

“Bro panicking, he better find another job to pay that Lambo,” another joked.

TikTok has spawned a new generation of content creators called ‘NPC streamers,’ a few of which have taken the app by storm over the past year.

Names like ‘PinkyDoll’ and ‘’ have gone viral for acting like non-player characters in a video game, reacting to donations from viewers with scripted responses, much like a background character would in games like Skyrim or GTA. has garnered over 800K followers on TikTok thanks to his impersonation of popular Marvel character Miles Morales, imitating the Spider-Man’s voice and mannerisms as viewers pour in with gifts.

miles-morales-npc-tiktoker-viral is a famous NPC TikToker who’s garnered nearly 1 million followers for impersonating Marvel’s Miles Morales Spider-Man character.

This isn’t the first time the Miles Morales impersonator has had a wild moment during one of his broadcasts. In July 2023, the streamer broke character to chase down a rude stranger after a man walking by told him not to “stoop that low” for views.

That’s not all; in November of that same year, the streamer was confronted by a security guard during a broadcast for supposedly filming on private property — but despite the guard’s warnings, the TikToker remained in character, even telling the man: “Do you know who I am?” I’m Miles Morales. I’m not a TikToker, I’m Miles Morales. I save lives every day and this is how you’re gonna treat me?”

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