NPC streamer breaks character to chase down rude stranger

Theo Burman
NPC streamer breaks character

An NPC streamer pretending to be Miles Morales halted his pretence when a stranger who was walking passed insulted him.

The TikTok streamer, named, chased after the passerby on stream, confronting them about why they were being rude.

After chasing the stranger off, the streamer then resumed his regular content, saying that he just wanted to “do his nerd sh*t in peace.”

Miles Morales NPC streamer breaks character to confront passerby

On the clip, which went viral on Twitter, the streamer can be acting like a normal NPC streamer would: reacting to the donations he receives from viewers.

However, someone walking past the streamer can be heard shouting: “Don’t stoop that low” at him.

At this point, the streamer immediately dropped character and chased after the person who insulted him, saying: “What’d you say? You said don’t stoop that low? Hey come here, come here, let me knock your teeth out! B*tch ass boy. Come here, let me do my nerd sh*t in peace!”

When the person had backed down, the streamer returned to his original spot, and asked his viewers to make the clip go viral so people could see how he was being harrassed.

They think I’m weak or some sh*t. Make this sh*t go viral, that sh*t is annoying. God damn. I’m just trying to be a nerd in f*cking peace.

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