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Tekken 8 has been confirmed to be getting some story DLC, although the actual details around what that’d entail weren’t too clear in the announcement. Fortunately, Harada swooped in to clear up what’s actually coming as far as single-player story mode DLC for the game.

It’s been officially confirmed that Tekken 8‘s getting story mode DLC to flesh out its existing characters and new ones as they come, as well as some microtransactions in the Tekken Shop.

However, the actual details around how this story mode DLC would work were a bit blurry. Will each new character just get a short character story like the 32 existing ones for the characters in the game, or would it be something more substantial? And how much will it cost?

Harada took to Twitter and explained what their plans are with the story and new character DLC from here on out.

Tekken 8 director Harada reveals details on story mode DLC

Tekken 8’s story mode left a lot of loose ends, and while it had some big moments, it left us a lot of questions many assumed we’d have to wait for Tekken 9 to have answered.

However, the confirmation of story mode DLC has opened the door to many possibilities as to what we’ll get to see before the next Tekken game rolls around.

What’s more, Harada has confirmed that significant story DLC is not only coming but that it’ll be completely free. New characters will come with story content that’s free for everyone, even if they can’t afford to buy the new fighters.

“While the original Tekken characters that will be added as DLC will be described in terms of how they relate to the main storyline, they will not be in the form of separate episodes for each character, but rather as expansion packs for the main storyline,” Harada explained.

“Of course these will be offered for free as story mode expansions that can be enjoyed without having to purchase DLC characters, etc.”

Currently, Tekken 8 has a main story mode, “The Dark Awakens”, alongside 32 character episodes that are a brief series of fights with an epilogue of what would happen if that character won the Iron Fist tournament. These endings are fun but non-canon, and they do little to build on the cliffhanger Tekken 8 left us with.

This story mode DLC, however, will loop directly into the main storyline and give more details about Tekken 8’s story and how it’d lead into a sequel.

And, while this free story DLC won’t be coming with Eddy’s release, it should be coming sometime between “May and Summer,” according to Harada.

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