Tekken 8: Heat system explained

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Tekken 8 from trailer

Now that Tekken 8 is finally out, players can try out the brand-new Heat system and here’s a guide on how the mechanic works within the game.

Tekken 8 reintroduces players to the iconic fighting game series with various returning and new characters. However, the game also features a brand-new fighting system called the Heat system mechanic along with the Rage Art System.

The Heat system mechanic added to the game provides a lot of scope in terms of outplaying opponents and catching them off-guard. However, considering it’s a new mechanic, it might be challenging for players to get accustomed to it.

That being said, here’s all you need to know about the Heat system in Tekken 8.


What is the Heat system in Tekken 8?

An in-game screenshot of Tekken 8
Tekken 8’s Heat Gauge can be found right below the health bar

The Heat system in Tekken 8 enhances your offensive power for exactly 10 seconds. Right below your health, there is a small blue bar that denotes your Heat gauge and can be used only once per round.

Once you activate your Heat Gauge, you’ll be able to perform powerful moves and combos that can deal a lot of damage. If the opponent gets knocked down, the Heat timer stops.

How to activate Heat mode in Tekken 8?

A screenshot of Tekken 8 Heat mode
Tekken 8 Heat mode can be activated in multiple ways

In Tekken 8, you can activate Heat mode in two different ways:

Heat Burst

You can directly use your input to activate Heat mode. This can be done by pressing Right Punch and Left Kick simultaneously. Once it activates, you will immediately slam the opponent with a punch. If it hits, you can follow it up with a combo.

Heat Engager

This is a second way of activating Heat, but it is different for every character. A certain attack set will activate it and it will send the opponent flying across the screen. However, you will immediately dash onto the opponent as well.

This will put you at an advantage and if you are fast enough, you can start a follow-up combo.

What to do during Heat state in Tekken 8?

A screenshot of Heat mode attack in Tekken 8
Heat Smash in Tekken 8 allows players to deal massive damage within the mode

There are quite a few things you can do while Heat mode is active.

Heat Smash

This is basically a direct follow-up after you activate Heat. The same inputs that activated Heat mode will work for Heat Smash as well. However, once you use it, the Heat gauge will be depleted immediately.

Heat Dash

Once the Heat mode activates through Engager, you can dash onto the opponent. Once you dash in, all you have to do is start a combo to continue your offensive moves.

Enhanced Powers

During Heat mode, some of your moves will get enhanced. This will depend on the character of your choice.

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