Buff your storage with 2TB of NVMe storage at under $100 ahead of Black Friday

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Crucial P3 NVMe SSD driveCrucial

Still running a spinning HDD as your data storage? Want to replace it with something faster? This pre-Black Friday offer on a 2TB SSD might be the deal you need.

Despite SSDs being all the rage now, there are plenty of users out there still using older HDD ‘spinning rust’ drives for applications such as long-term data storage, or media servers. Perhaps the lower capacity of SSDs in previous years was off-putting, or maybe it was the price point. Either way, a deal from Crucial on its P3 2TB NVMe SSD might be exactly what is needed, and you can now get it for under $100.

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Perfect for upgrading your old HDD

The Gen 3 2TB SSD from Crucial is down this low price before Black Friday, which makes it perfect for those looking to upgrade their older PC or media server setups. The Crucial P3 2TB SSD is compatible with any desktop or laptop that accepts a PCIe NVMe Gen 3.0 drive. For those who need a SATA connection, adapters for this purpose are available. Please note that this is a Gen 3 drive, so is not suitable for use in a PS5.

Crucial P3 SSD on red backgroundCrucial

Though the Crucial P3 2TB SSD is not the fastest on the market, for those intending to utilize it to replace older HDDs or smaller previous-gen SSD drives, it serves its purpose well and promises extended longevity and reliability for users who need stable performance. Users can look forward to much faster read/write speeds with up to 3500MB/s sequential reads, and 3,000MB/s write speeds, so file transfers and game loading times will be considerably improved over any older style of drive.

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