PS5 hits over 46 million units sold but is still trailing the PS4

Rebecca Hills-Duty
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Despite early supply problems, the PlayStation 5 has reached over 46 million in sales, though the console still doesn’t have PS4 numbers.

Sony has revealed that it had a great second financial quarter in 2023, selling 4.9 million PS5 units for the quarter that ended on September 30.

These numbers mean the console is now up to 46.6 million units sold, as reported by Engadget. Q2 2023 didn’t quite match the figures of the Christmas period of 2022, but it was still 1.6 million more than Q2 of 2022.

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PS4 still leading the sales figures

By the same period in the PlayStation 4 lifespan, the PS4 had reached a milestone of over 50 million units sold, tallying together the original model, the Slim variant, and the PS4 Pro.

That said, the PS5 figures may be lagging behind due to the initial supply problems that were caused by the worldwide chip shortage, a problem that affected most consumer electronics manufacturers. It was not until 2022 that Sony was able to scale up production to a level that was capable of meeting demand.

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As reported by Reuters, the President of Sony Hiroki Totoki has expressed confidence that the company will meet the current sales target of 25 million PS5 units by the end of the financial year. The sales boost from the upcoming Slim model, as well as consumers buying consoles as part of Black Friday deals, or for Christmas presents is expected to help, though at present they are still 16.8 million units short of the goal.

Software sales are also looking healthy for the PS5, with a reported 67.6 million games sold in the second quarter, though only 4.7 million of those games are from first-party studios. Those figures are expected to see a significant increase when figures for the next quarter are collated, however, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would be included.

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