Razer x PUBG collection: Great hardware with a battle royale twist

Olly Smith
razer pubg collection featuring keyboard, mouse and headset

Razer’s new PUBG: Battlegrounds collection promises to secure your survival with a new set of peripherals. We’ve taken a look at what’s on offer and how they’ll enhance your gaming experience.

One of the most notable things about PC gaming is that there is no one-size-fits-all. There are a huge number of different ways to enjoy your games, and the different kinds of mice, keyboards, and headsets come in all shapes and sizes.

Razer has always been a brand that has put both comfort and visuals at the forefront of this experience. We’ve gone hands-on with their new PUBG: Battlegrounds collection, giving some popular products a battle royale makeover.

We’re taking a look at the Razer Huntsman V2 keyboard, the Viper V2 Pro mouse, and the Barracuda X headset, each with its own PUBG twist.

razer keyboard on desk

Razer Huntsman V2 optical gaming keyboard

The Huntsman V2 is a beast of a keyboard featuring a yellow/black color scheme matching the maps featured in PUBG. It’s the only part of this collection that doesn’t have a wireless option, instead coming with an attached braided fiber cable. This, combined with the 8000 Hz polling rate makes it one of the most responsive devices Razer offers and certainly one of the best gaming keyboards.

Utilizing Razer Chroma’s customizable RGB backlighting, a total of 16.8 million color combinations are possible here. And its onboard memory with five key bind profiles makes it a must-have for competitive gaming where specific setups are going to give you an upper hand.

As a full-size keyboard, switching from the minimalism of my previous 60 percent keyboard took some adjustment. But in the end, I found it to be an incredibly comfortable device with a reliable design and quiet key acoustics. Additionally, they also throw in an ergonomic wrist rest for extra comfort during those long matches. Its $229.99 pricing may seem a little steep, but there’s a quality here that justifies that number.

razer mouse on desk

Razer Viper V2 Pro ultra-lightweight wireless mouse

The Viper V2 Pro wireless mouse is extremely light for what it’s capable of, weighing just approximately 58g. With a maximum sensitivity of 30,000 DPI and max IPS of 750, the capabilities of the mouse mean you’re able to adapt to any in-game situation at a level that feels comfortable for you.

The Viper V2 Pro has five customizable buttons, with M4 and M5 sitting on the left side of the device. Powering up the mouse and changing the DPI can be done with a small button on the bottom, meaning no accidental DPI changes during a heated game, but this is frustrating if you’re the kind of gamer who switches between different modes depending on the situation.

The lack of a left-handed option is certainly a disappointment here, but with how hotkey-heavy a game like PUBG: Battlegrounds is, it’s also a strange choice for Razer to not include more customization options. At its price point of $169.99, there are certainly better choices on the market, but it’s by no means a bad piece of kit.

razer headphones sat on desk

Razer Barracuda X wireless gaming headset

Possibly my favorite part of the collection is the Barracuda X, a headset capable of wired, 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity, the latter of which is a feature its predecessor did not have.

It is, simply put, one of the best headsets for gaming. Not only do the soft memory foam and noise-canceling aspects allow you to be fully immersed in whatever it is you’re doing, but it’s also extremely form-fitting to whatever shape head and ears you have. As someone with a large head, it’s always frustrating finding a headset that suits me just right, so I’m happy I don’t have to search anymore. 

Additionally, the Barracuda X has a battery life of around 50 hours compared to the previous generation’s approximate 30 hours of battery. In fitting with the theme, it feels like the most sensible part of the collaboration. PUBG: Battlegrounds requires you to be listening out for enemy footsteps, distant noises, and other callouts which help your tactical play. And with the quality of the Barracuda X, that style of play is fully enhanced to allow better victories during multiplayer matches. It’s priced at $129.99 and is fully deserving of the price.

Ultimately, the Razer x PUBG Collection is a collection of some of its current best peripheral offerings. While it does feel like the PUBG branding inflates the price a little too much, the in-game bonus items and additional features you get with these devices more than justify the price point for avid players of the game.

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