Leak claims Sony’s new PS5 model is abandoning liquid metal cooling

Brianna Reeves
ps5 liquid metal

According to a brand-new leak, Sony’s new PS5 model will completely abandon the liquid metal cooling solution.

Rumors concerning a PS5 Pro, allegedly codenamed Project Trinity, began circulating nearly two years ago, with such talks picking up steam yet again earlier this year.

An Insider Gaming report from this past March suggested a late 2024 release for the console refresh. And additional details in the months since then have suggested the device will target boosted ray tracing, improved 4K with more consistent FPS, and an 8K “performance mode.”

Reports about a PS5 Slim have regularly made the rounds, too. While Sony remains mum on both counts, another leak has surfaced about the differences between PS5 and its long-rumored mid-gen refresh.

PS5 leak claims new console does away with liquid metal

Zuby_Tech reports that PlayStation 5’s hardware revision is the CFI-1300 Series, sporting a 5nm APU and no liquid metal. In subsequent tweets, Zuby_Tech claims such details likely relate to the console’s rumored slim model.

Most interesting is the absence of the liquid metal cooling solution, which received a lot of attention in the lead-up to and after PS5’s market debut. The leaker says Sony’s able to set aside the cooling solution because the APU won’t run nearly as hot.

ps5 Liquid Metal
Liquid metal in PS5

These claims may sound within reason, but it’s best not to take supposedly leaked details at face value. Though, it’s worth remembering that Microsoft seems pretty convinced of a PS5 Slim being in the works. Documents shared during the corporation’s FTC lawsuit conveyed as much.

Sony’s yet to confirm or deny the ongoing rumors but it does intend to release new hardware later this year in the form of Project Q. The game streaming handheld was announced during a PlayStation Showcase in May, though details remain sparse.