AMD RX 7600 GPU to debut in June, but there’s a catch

RX 7600AMD

AMD is allegedly planning to debut the RX 7600 at Computex in June. However, there’s still no sign of the more powerful RX 7700.

Graphics cards are in a tumultuous phase of their existence at the moment. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel might be going head-to-head in pricing and performance metrics, but as we’ve recently seen from the lackluster sales of the RTX 4070, there’s a new issue arising as well.

AMD’s partners for GPU production will be skipping the RX 7700 for now, in favor of the RX 7600. This news comes from Igor’s Lab, whose source claims there’s concern about producing hardware that no one wants.

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Computex is from May 30 to June 2, which is when it’s expected that AMD will announce the next lineup of their Radeon 7000 graphics cards. The RX 7700 roster of cards aren’t expected to skip the event entirely, but might not enter production at the same time as the 7600 cards.

According to the source, the RX 7600 line of graphics cards will be presented as a finished product at the event, launching not long after.

AMD RX 7600 set for Computex

RX 7900 XT designDexerto

It’s expected that the Radeon RX 7600 will come under $400, as with other generations of this level of GPU. AMD launched the RX 6600XT for $379 and made for a decent, budget-level graphics card for gaming at 1080p.

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However, since this will presumably feature the Navi 33 architecture inside with RDNA 3, it has a much bigger potential this time around.

AMD’s biggest competitor, Nvidia, has currently struggled to sell its “cheapest” GPU offering in the new RTX 40 series of cards, with reports indicating that they’re cutting production until things improve.

The flagship models for AMD’s RX 7000 series have impressed with their raw performance, however, they lack the hardware when it comes to ray tracing, as well as software for things like supersampling.

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