MSI leak reveals pink RTX 4070 GPU & it’s stunning

Rosalie Newcombe
Image of the MSI logo but it's pink instead of red.

Anime fans will soon be able to add a pop of pink to their PC gaming rigs according to leaked images of MSI’s new GPU.

If you’ve ever found yourself looking to upgrade your graphics card but felt bored by the amount of all-black designs, there’s a solution for that. China-based brands like Yeston and PowerColor are regularly releasing custom graphics cards full of color and unique designs.

The major caveat about these unique-looking GPUs is that often they’re only available to the Chinese market. If you want a fancy-looking anime graphics card in your rig, you’d likely have to import it and deal with the inevitable fees. However, now it appears MSI is cooking up its own custom colorful pink GPU.

The upcoming custom MSI graphics card was discovered by X/Twitter user Parallax_Aoba. In two images posted to their social media, a pink form factor graphics card with a three-fan design can be seen. As well as its matching pink box art, featuring an adorable anime character.

The X/Twitter user has gone to great lengths to censor identifying information on the box art. However, there are still some giveaways that linger on the leaked images that give us clues into what this upcoming MSI graphics card could be.

According to the flat-packed box, the MSI GPU has 12GB of GDDR6X memory. With that in mind, it’s likely this adorable pink GPU could be a custom RTX 4070 Super. The Ada Lovelace-powered graphics card comes with those exact memory specs, and MSI already has a custom RTX 4070 Super GPU in their repertoire with a 3-fan design.

MSI is not shy of cool collaborations. The tech giant announced a range of Monster Hunter PC parts and accessories, including a custom RTX 4060 Ti GPU, in January this year. However, the brand is not typically recognized for releasing cute anime-themed GPUs.

With just two leaked images to go off, we won’t know for sure if the adorable MSI GPU will be released any time soon. Or whether MSI will go all out like Yeston and feature the anime character on the graphics card backplate itself.

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