Meta Quest 2 and Pro get performance boost in new update

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A new update for the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro has been released and it amps up the performance of both devices significantly.

Meta has released a new update that gives a boost to the performance of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. The new v55 update will unlock more performance on SoC, allowing for smoother usage overall.

The intention is to prolong the life of the incredibly popular Meta Quest 2, as the company preps to launch the Quest 3. It’s expected that CPU performance will increase up to 26% on both headsets. Meanwhile, the GPU will see an uptick of up to 19% on the Quest 2, and the Pro will get an 11% increase.

This update will also see Dynamic Resolution Scaling introduced to both headsets, which Meta says will provide users with an “increased pixel density” without hindering performance.

Dynamic resolution is already used on PCs and consoles, allowing for games and software to use algorithms to provide an image at a lower resolution and upscale it back during intense moments.

This should allow the Quest 2 to keep up with the Quest 3, as games and software take advantage of the better internal hardware.

v55 update brings Messenger and more to Meta Quest headsets

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The v55 update is also bringing a slew of new features and updates to existing apps, including multitouch in the browser. You should be allowed to zoom in and out as you’d expect to on a phone or tablet, but from within the headset.

Meta is also integrating a new standalone Messenger app into the Quest ecosystem, removing the need for an internal browser window, or having to pop the headset off to reply to messages.

The company’s insistence on making Instagram Reels a thing also continues, as the Explore app is introduced. Meta describes this as a “one-stop shop for entertainment and connection in VR”.

Explore will integrate Meta Horizon Worlds, as well as being able to watch Instagram Reels from within the headset’s new app. Meta is rolling the Explore update out slowly, as to limit any major bugs.

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