Ex-Twitter employees speak out on Threads launch: “It feels like revenge time”

Sayem Ahmed
Threads new app logo

Ex-Twitter employees terminated under Elon Musk’s leadership have begun to speak out online, with some stating that “It feels like revenge time”. But, others are not quite as convinced.

Meta’s Threads app has launched, and with it has come an incredible number of user signups. Meanwhile, Twitter has threatened to sue Meta over the new platform. The launch of Threads contrasts the gloomy backdrop at Twitter, which in recent days has seen many users rate-limited, and unable to access their timeline.

Elon Musk famously axed much of Twitter’s workforce when he came into ownership in 2022. Now, with the launch of Threads hung over Twitter like a looming shadow that even its new CEO cannot ignore, former Twitter employees have spoken out about the launch, in a report from iNews.

Former Twitter employees comment on Threads

Threads logo on background

“It feels like revenge time” one anonymous ex-Twitter employee said. “Anything is better than the Twitter we have now.”. But, many other ex-Twitter employees feel differently about the platform.

“This thing is going to be a monster” Ex Twitter Data Scientist Melissa Ingle claimed. But, she doesn’t seem to be entirely convinced by the platform just yet, due to its penchant for showcasing users you do not follow on your timeline.

Another employee, Manu Cornet, a former software engineer at Twitter had stronger words about Threads’ current offering: “Threads introduces nothing new as far as I’ve seen.” Another anonymous ex-Twitter employee said: “I fundamentally don’t understand its existence in the market. Seeing it as a Twitter life raft makes sense, but the problems already arising with EU regulators and it, and its lack of purpose, seem to signal it’s not there to last.”

But, despite this, the app seems to still be gaining popularity in the day following its launch. But, a large number of users on the platform is not the be-all-end-all for social media platforms, claims Ingle: “A large user base doesn’t necessarily guarantee engagement because of the other aspect that’s crucial to a social media app, but much harder to quantify, what I call tone,”

Ingle continues to state that Bluesky was initially successful due to finding a niche. In particular, it’s left-leaning, queer-friendly tendencies.

As more Twitter alternatives continue to appear, only time will be able to cement a clear leader. But, for now, at least, Threads remains to be an attractive option for many.

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