Cloudflare won’t drop Kiwi Farms amid Keffals harassment campaign

Joel Loynds

Internet security company, Cloudflare, has posted a blog in response to a current campaign to have it drop the far-right Kiwi Farms from its services.

Over the last few weeks, Twitch streamer Keffals has been bombarded with harassment stemming from a controversial forum, Kiwi Farms. This has included doxxing and swatting. She has since moved house but has still been followed.

Kiwi Farms is currently under the protection of Cloudflare, which provides anti-DDoS services. A distributed denial of service attack, or DDoS, is often used to take down websites lacking that protection.

Keffals, real name Clara Sorrenti, has been raising the pressure to have Cloudflare drop Kiwi Farms from itKeffals, real name Clara Sorrenti, has been raising pressure to have Cloudflare drop Kiwi Farms from its services in light of harassment which was cited by popular emulator developer Near, as a reason why they took their own life in their suicide note.

In a blog responding to the campaign, Cloudflare stated that it would not be removing Kiwi Farms from its services. It also stated that unless it were to host it, it couldn’t act on having the content removed.

This is due to Kiwi Farms only using the free anti-DDoS service and Cloudflare not believing they have “political legitimacy to determine generally what is and is not online by restricting security or core Internet services.”

In response to the blog, the campaign website has stated that Cloudflare is maintaining “the fiction that they can be a neutral provider of services.” It also highlights that Cloudflare removed and suspended all services in relation to 8chan, a website caught hosting child pornography and multiple campaigns for harassment.

Kiwi Farms’ thread on Keffals has only grown since the incident that has seen the Twitch streamer flee Canada. However, the website has been inundated with errors, with the creator, Joshua Moon, unable to keep up with the maintenance.

Keffals also uncovered the company Kiwi Farms is registered to was originally called ‘Final Solutions, LLC’, before being changed to ‘1776 Solutions, LLC’.

The forum originally started out as an addition to the ‘CWCiki’, a wiki dedicated to the now incarcerated Chris-chan. Here, they would plan harassment campaigns against the internet personality. It was then turned into Kiwi Farms, broadening its focus onto the rest of the internet.

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