Twitch streamer slams Rumble over “scummy” DMCA strike on YouTube

Twitch streamer blaustoise talking to chatTwitch: Blau

Twitch streamer Blau slammed Rumble during a recent broadcast, claiming that they’ve issued a “scummy” DMCA strike on his YouTube channel over the default offline screen on his IRL backpack.

Ever since IRL Twitch streams began growing in popularity, quite a few companies have created dedicated backpacks that feature all the hardware you’ll need to broadcast from anywhere in the world.

LiveU is one of those companies and Twitch streamer Blau uses one of their backpacks for his in-real-life streams.

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He’s now claiming that Rumble issued a DMCA strike for the default LiveU offline screen after uploading the VOD to his YouTube channel.

Blaustoise claims Rumble issued DMCA strike over stock image

Since July 2022, Blau has uploaded his Twitch stream VODs to a dedicated YouTube channel where he has thousands of subscribers who watch his content.

His in-real-life streams have also been uploaded to the channel, complete with the default LiveU offline screen, which he claims is being DMCA struck by Rumble.

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“You guys know that default screen on the live backpacks that says ‘Hey, the stream is offline right now’? They DMCA’d that screen. So when I have that screen on my stream, Rumble is DMCAing me for that screen. It’s actually f*cking stupid and I’m about to write a big ass tweet about it,” he explained.

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“I’m first gonna message LiveU and see if LiveU can do something about it first. That’s scummy. Like, they’re basically saying this stock image that LiveU uses, we’re gonna copyright strike that on YouTube.”

Blau has yet to share whether or not LiveU or Rumble have cleared up the DMCA issues with the stock image used by the IRL backpack company.

If they do clear it up, the Twitch streamer would be able to upload the VOD to his YouTube channel without any issues. He could also edit the screen out of the recording.

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