Keffals banned on Twitch ahead of Destiny tell-all stream

keffals on streamYouTube: Keffals

Popular political streamer Clara ‘Keffals’ Sorrenti has been banned on Twitch just minutes before doing a tell-all stream about harassment she has faced from Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell II. She moved her broadcast to YouTube in the interim.

Keffals has quietly grown into one of the internet’s more prolific political commentators, taking a firm stance on trans rights issues in an attempt to push for more LGBT protections globally.

This has led to her being the target of harassment online from a number of fellow streamers. While Keffals took most of it on the chin, she has also pushed back against some like former Twitch star Destiny, who has since been permanently banned from the platform.

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However, just before she was meant to go live to talk about “how Destiny lied about me and weaponized a hate forum [Kiwifarms] that is implicated in multiple suicides against me in an attempt to ruin my life”, her Twitch account was banned.

Keffals originally stated: “My account got mass reported before I even started and I am banned from Twitch.” She then went on to continue streaming on YouTube, going through the details of alleged targeted harassment from Destiny and his community.

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Some have claimed Keffals’ video thumbnail, which contained homophobic slurs said to the creator, was the reason behind the ban instead. The exact reasoning, however, is not known.

Keffals’ Twitch channel had just shy of 40,000 followers before it was banned.

The streamer also alleged Destiny’s community continued their “brigade” on YouTube, forcing her to turn YouTube chat off.

It is unclear when the Twitch ban will be lifted ⁠— but it is only a temporary suspension. It hasn’t stopped Keffals from trying to spread her message though, continuing to amass a large audience on Twitter and YouTube.

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