Twitch streamer appalled after ‘fake’ mod shuts down her stream

Dylan Horetski
Twitch streamer mod countdown

A Twitch streamer was left appalled after an account claiming to be a Twitch mod reportedly entered her chat saying that she was about to get banned, and counted down until she did.

With over eight million monthly streamers on Twitch, there’s no telling what could happen during each stream.

Thanks to weird comments in chat, questionable bans, and even streamers appearing to put forks in toasters — the possibilities are endless.

Twitch streamer rubi scoopsday is the latest to deal with a questionable situation, sharing on Twitter/X that a “mod” came in and counted down to her ban in chat.

Twitch “mod” counts down to ban in streamer’s chat

On February 9, 2024, Rubi posted a thread on Twitter/X sharing the rather interesting situation with user ‘lostnohome’ claiming they were a mod for Twitch.

“So i’m sewing together an adorable lil crochet project during my first makers & crafting stream when a first time chatter tells me i’m about to be banned for sexual content and proceeds with a countdown in my chat. thinking this was a troll, i laughed it off & kept sewing,” she said.

In an included screenshot, you can see the user mention that she’s about to get banned and counted down from five before Rubi noticed her account was actually suspended. However, the user in chat did not have a badge beside their name marking that they are official Twitch staff.

She continued: “My mods also believed this was a troll and responded by banning the user before they could even finish the countdown. in that same moment, i watched my chat go black followed by an obs prompt to enter my twitch credentials indicating my account had been suspended.”

The situation left Rubi confused and appalled, and slammed the “unprofessional” behavior behind the alleged Twitch mod.

“Truthfully, i’m not shocked. however, i am quite appalled with how this all happened. Was this actually a twitch mod? If so, why are they using an alt account to taunt and another account to ban? to call this behavior “unprofessional” is an understatement,” Rubi said.

She went on to question what happened even more, wondering if the user wasn’t actually a part of Twitch staff or if it was a staff member using an alternate account.

Luckily, Rubi was able to appeal her ban and it was approved — meaning her account was reinstated just hours after the incident. The alleged mod, however, has had their account banned in the meantime.

There’s no telling what happened in this situation, but Dexerto has reached out to Twitch and will update this article if they respond.