Trans Twitch streamer Keffals says UberEats hackers sent her hundreds worth of food

Twitter/YouTube: Keffals

After fighting for justice for suicide victims, popular political streamer Clara ‘Keffals’ Sorrenti continues to get doxxed by viewers online. The most recent doxx consisted of hackers ordering hundreds of dollars worth of UberEats to her address and thus, prompting another swift relocation.

The trans community is no stranger to online toxicity and threats. But in Keffals’ situation, a trans Twitch streamer attempting to fight against normalized corporate support of misogyny, she has received more than her fair share of targeted harassment.

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She’s been swatted many times in the past, despite having moved in an attempt to avoid such actions. Her life has been “in danger” for quite some time now, as she recently explained.

In yet another incident, this time on August 22, Keffal’s UberEats account was allegedly hacked. The hacker delivered hundreds of dollars worth of food to her current residence — causing concern for her sense of safety alongside frustration over her predicament.

She claims “even speaking up about it has meant retaliation for me.”

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Since Keffals did not order the food, and thereby shouldn’t owe Uber any money, she attempted to reach out to UberEats for a reimbursement: “My account was hacked and had the password and email changed. Hundreds of dollars worth of food showed up on my doorstep.

“Can you please message me so I can remove my payment info from the hacked account and get reimbursed?”

At the moment, it seems targeted harassment towards Kefall from a hateful group of people will not end any time soon. Stealing her private information, identity theft, and falsifying information, her enemies are evidently huge sources of frustration.

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Despite the obstacles, Keffals is adamant on continuing her fight for her own sense of justice.

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