Street Fighter 6: Capcom bans players from tournaments for violating beta terms

street fighter 6 bansCapcom

Those who play Street Fighter 6’s closed beta outside of its designated period are being banned from future tournaments.

Thus far, Capcom has hosted two separate closed beta tests for Street Fighter 6. The first lasted for a few days in October 2022; a second session went live for three days in mid-December.

At present, the publisher has yet to confirm whether or not it will unleash more closed beta sessions before launch. But Street Fighter fans can go hands-on with the title in a demo that launched late last month.

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Some users couldn’t leave well enough alone, though, and have been accessing the closed beta content outside of its designated time frame. Capcom is already meting out punishment for such behavior.

Capcom issues bans to certain Street Fighter 6 beta players

In a post on the Capcom Fighters Twitter account, the publisher said it’s learned of users accessing the fighter’s closed beta test software “outside of the designated period.”

The statement goes on to note that this violates the beta test’s terms of service. It’s also in violation of the Capcom Pro Tour’s code of conduct.

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As such, those caught accessing beta content without authorization “may be deemed ineligible for the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League seasons.”

The statement makes no mention of how long the bans will remain in place for those caught violating Street Fighter 6’s terms of service. Still, a ban list isn’t one that dedicated fans would want to have their names on.

Fortunately, the game itself launches in only a matter of weeks. Street Fighter 6 launches worldwide on June 2; the next season of Capcom Pro Tour is also expected to kick off this summer.

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