Best Hulu Black Friday deals 2022: What to expect

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Hulu Black Friday Deals

With Black Friday leading straight into the holidays, why not take a break and grab a great deal for Hulu? Here’s what to expect.

Hulu is a treasure trove of excellent shows, movies, and even some absolutely rotten shows too. As a few of us are based in the UK, we didn’t realize just how far Hulu had expanded from showing old episodes of Family Guy.

Since being purchased by Disney through the 21st Century Fox buyout, Hulu has gone on to be a curious holdout. Disney+ here in the UK has combined a majority of the original and Fox content into ‘Stars’, while in the US, it’s still its own thing.

For how much longer, is another question. With 2024 coming up and the other majority shareholder, Comcast, about to charge Disney nearly 30 billion dollars, it doesn’t seem like it’ll last further than that.

However, we’re in 2022 and we’re not going to tell you to wait until 2024 to watch some TV shows. What we will tell you, is that you should probably wait until Black Friday and see what deals are on offer for Hulu.

Hulu appears to go on some sales around Black Friday, with last year’s being a full year for just $13. While Netflix and Disney Plus rarely go on sale, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any Hulu gift cards that also get some sort of price cut.

Hulu show and movie recommendations:

So, why subscribe to Hulu? A current personal favorite is Solar Opposites, a show from one half of Rick and Morty, about aliens that are stuck on Earth. The show is overly vulgar, full of Justin Roiland’s observational-style humor and sci-fi tropes that give us a few giggles.

Other recommendations include Atlanta, Donald Glover’s exploration into black communities, rap and so much more, all sprinkled with an eery, Twin Peaks vibe.

You’ll also be able to watch some movies, like Prey, Elvis, and Ghostbusters. You’ll also probably see about six or seven advertisements for The Nutty Professor. Seriously, why does this app continuously want us to watch The Nutty Professor?

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