Best Nintendo Cyber Monday deals 2022

Nintendo’s offerings on Black Friday will be probably a bit lukewarm on the first-party front, but you can absolutely expect a bounty of treats for literally any other game.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals: What to watch out for

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the perfect time of year to pick up the Nintendo Switch. We’re fully expecting it to get a discount across pretty much every storefront, as OLED, regular and Lite editions take up precious warehouse space.

Really though, our top recommendation is to look for that OLED version. The brighter, bigger screen makes it almost the default sell these days, but only if the price is right. OLED might be fantastic for the eyes, but the price increase with no real hardware improvements has made it a little bit like grabbing the DSi when you had a DS Lite. A brighter, better screen, but still the same old hardware inside.

However, for those not interested in handheld, the regular Switch when docked is still an excellent deal. For those with younger kids or just wanting a console without the faff of the Joycons, the Lite is still an obvious choice to go with. It’s exactly the same, just doesn’t let you connect to the TV.

We’ve seen the Lite and regular Switch get deeper discounts than the OLED, but with it now reaching a year old by the time Black Friday and Cyber Monday rolls around, it’s probably safe to assume it’ll follow suit.

Best Nintendo Switch games deals: What we expect to see

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On the games front, we’re going to hold our breath for real, meaty discounts on first-party games. Nintendo has done this for years and it won’t stop any time soon. As you can only get its games on Nintendo platforms, there’s no chance of you seeing anything less than say, $35 dollars for a premium first-party title.

The only real games that get heavily reduced from Nintendo’s first-party lineup are Pikmin 3 and Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker.

You can expect, though, to see nearly every third-party game get either a super or surprising amount of discounts across the board. This will include usual suspects like Mario + Rabbids, which Ubisoft has a habit of essentially giving away each holiday sale season.

With Pokemon coming out around that time, if you go fully digital, you’ll have enough gold coins to probably get some games without having to enter your credit card details again.

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We do recommend that you keep an eye out on Best Buy and Adorama, as we’ve seen countless decent deals from both first-party and third-party games on these websites.

Nintendo Switch accessories: The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we want to see

On the controller front, well, it’ll be the same old song and dance. This is the best time of year to grab those boring little items. Switch controllers are everywhere, but don’t expect official Joycons to be too discounted.

As much as a new controller is exciting, don’t just limit yourself to the Switch’s official controllers.

8BitDo and Brook have an excellent range of dongles or adapters, allowing you to bring any controller you have in the house to the Switch. We’re also quite excited about 8BitDo’s newest pro controller, the ‘Ultimate’, which seems to be looking for an all-time award somewhere.

As for other accessories, Amazon and Best Buy will be clearing houses of these. If rumors are to be believed about the upcoming successor to the Switch happening in 2023, then we should see a lot of these items get hacked to bits in the price department.

We will, however, sift through a majority of it, as you’ll find a lot of useless accessories flooding Amazon over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

You can also see our expectations for PlayStation, Xbox and even the wider breadth of sales happening this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.