Best Black Friday TV deals 2022: What we expect to see

Black Friday TV deals

Finding Black Friday TV deals in 2022 is going to be a lot of work. Almost every store will be discounting them. But, we’ve rounded up our best bets on what you might expect to see.

This Black Friday 2022, we expect the tradition of the Black Friday TV deals fire-sale to continue on to 2022, whether you’re after something more functional, or want to splash out on a high-end set, we’ve got you covered with what we expect to see discounted this year.

We’ve seen some of the top TVs like LG’s C1 sink below $800, while Amazon’s Fire TV-branded 4K TVs have also seen excellent discounts on Prime Day. They were all reduced down to sub-400 dollars, making them incredible deals – regardless of where they’re from.

However, Black Friday is TV sale central. Almost every store will be trying to drop the prices of TVs across the board. With 4K panels becoming cheaper to manufacture, and incredible panels almost anywhere you look, we’re on the prowl for the best TV deals that you can expect to see this holiday season.

The best TV to get this Black Friday: LG C1

There hasn’t been a TV to beat the LG C1. It’s so feature-rich, its successor, the C2, doesn’t compare in some ways. An OLED panel, backed by a 120Hz refresh rate makes this ideal for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners.

This is the ideal TV to get if you’re into retro gaming too, or if you want the smoothest image out of modern AAA games like Elden Ring. The C1 combines variable refresh rate options with a feature named Black Frame Insertion (BFI). As a result, the TV creates a much cleaner, smoother image than its competitors by slotting in a small black frame.

LG has managed to create such perfection, that it’s one of the best ways – outside of getting a CRT monitor – to play your older and modern games.

For those into movies and getting that best picture out of their entertainment of choice, the LG C1 is so color-accurate that in some production houses, it’s used for grading actual movies.

OLED allows for infinite contrast, meaning that its HDR output is far and away still one of the best in the market.

So why are we recommending a TV that’s a few years old? We’ve noticed that prices are starting to take a bit of a dip with each sale, and as we drift further from its release and closer to a presumed LG C3, there’s been no better time to jump on it.

Best Buy Black Friday TV deals: Our predictions

This is the one to watch. Best Buy is, by far and away, the white stallion of TV deals. Throughout this year, we’ve seen our highly recommended LG C1 get price cuts to the lowest we’ve seen.

As with the rest of the site, the TV deals on Black Friday will be stupendous and we’re expecting them to also shift as much stock as they humanly can.

Best Buy’s stores will want the shelf space, and with new TVs ready to be announced in 2023, it only makes sense that they’d be the first to get them in.

Amazon Black Friday TV deals: Expected sales

Amazon not only has every other brand of TV but their own brands too. Make sure to keep tabs on the Fire TV ranges if you want a great budget-conscious entry into 4K. Meanwhile, you can almost bet anything that a lot of employees at Amazon will raise and drop their prices to bump themselves up the list throughout the day.

This is something we’re here to counteract, as we’ll be monitoring and only bring you the best deals possible. If someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, we’ll know about it.

Amazon’s depth doesn’t stop at their own branded TVs though, as Samsung and other brands, like Sony, will be matching their onsite price slashes over on Amazon, too.

Walmart Black Friday TV deals: Our predictions

This one will be the most work on our part, as Walmart dump everything together without a thought. Their website, while full of different deals, will lump in an $80 Full HD TV with the $3000 4K panel, making it difficult to browse.

However, Walmart is the king of Black Friday deals when it comes to TVs. We fully expect them to go toe-to-toe with Amazon before the day is through. We may even see price wars against other retailers, giving you the best deal possible.

Luckily, with it all being online, you shouldn’t have to go down to the actual store to pick it up and potentially get trampled while collecting your TV.

Samsung expected Black Friday TV deals

Samsung is the home of weird monitors, great gaming panels, and even better TVs. Samsung has such a wide range of TVs, we’re expecting all of the remaining 2021 and 2022 models to be reduced significantly. With CES just around the corner after Black Friday, this is Samsung’s last chance to get a lot of these products out the door before their latest entries hit the retailers.

Samsung is pushing its way into the 8K market as well, so you’ll start to notice that their 4K lineup is now far more reasonably priced, while the 8K takes those more expensive slots. While there’s no need for an 8K TV just yet, there’s always room to get a decent quality gaming and movie TV.

That, or you could peruse the Frame range, disguising your TV as a picture. Or you could get that big, spinning TV to watch TikToks on if you have some money to burn.

Crutchfield potential Black Friday TV deals

The dark horse of TV deals, Crutchfield’s lesser-known name doesn’t mean that it should be completely counted out. While mostly dealing with things along the lines of car audio, they have surprisingly deep discounts when it comes to Black Friday.

They don’t have the biggest range, but they do stock all the regular suspects. Sony, LG, and Samsung, as well as smaller brands. If you want an example of how deep their price slashes go, they currently have an 8K Samsung TV with over $2000 off.

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