Best PlayStation Cyber Monday deals 2022

While PlayStation 5s seem to be coming back into stock a bit more frequently, how will the rest of Sony’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offerings hold up?

Best PS5 and PS4 games deals: What we expect to see

Between Sony and Microsoft, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offerings will be sizzling on both their digital and physical fronts. Sony routinely has these weirdly brilliant sales on their PSN store, allowing you to grab certain games from even the same release year for a lot less.

Throw in the expectation of Black Friday or Cyber Monday and you have the perfect recipe for a bargain. Physical games are bound to also get huge discounts, with PlayStation 4 games now slowly aging out, it might be time to grab some of those missed classics.

PS5 console Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals: What to watch out for

Though, how about on the console front? Grabbing a PS4 might be getting cheaper, but you’d be boxing yourself in, especially in the long term. While there are still plenty of PS4 titles hitting for the next year or so, grabbing a PS5 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday is probably what we’d recommend.

That backward compatibility between the PS5 and PS4 is one of the better features on the console, meaning you wouldn’t be missing out on any of the latest games either. Plus, with Sony introducing a new version of PlayStation Plus that grants you a bunch of free games, there’s really never been a better time to grab the console.

However, there might be some apprehension around trying to get the console on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is totally understandable, as the console has been selling out quicker than it has stayed in stock.

We have been monitoring the situation over the last few weeks, but have found that Walmart has managed to keep stock of the PS5 and Horizon bundle going for a good week or so. It’s still in stock, even.

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If you’re in America, you can stop reading at this point, because you’re one of the lucky ones.

Sony made a bizarre choice to follow suit with Meta and raise the price of their console. The PS5 is in fact getting a price increase to offset any additional costs introduced with inflation, but it comes with absolutely no additional changes. Okay, the console is lighter, but seriously.

Both Digital and Disk editions will be seeing a price increase of around 20% in the UK, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on any further price increases happening in the US. For now, though, it seems as though the USA is safe on this front.

PlayStation accessories: The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we want to see

Accessories-wise, expect about the same as we’re expecting on both Microsoft and Nintendo’s side. A lot of either cheaper, less glamorous products to flood Amazon, or expect some controller deals to happen. We’re sure that there are going to be a lot of third-party PS4 controllers on sale, but as for the DualSense? Well, with the DualSense Edge version coming out, we’re sure that we’ll see some retailers try to bin off their excess stock.

You can also see our expectations for Nintendo, Xbox, and even the wider breadth of sales happening this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.