Street Fighter 6 fans are angrier than Evil Ryu over Outfit 3 pricing

Christopher Baggett
Street Fighter 6 Zangief in Outfit 3

Street Fighter 6 has finally released Outfit 3, but fans weren’t prepared for just what the pricing of the 18 costumes would be.

The long-awaited Outfit 3 has finally arrived for Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, but it’s not what fans were hoping for.

Outfit 3 features new looks for the various Street Fighter 6 characters and is the first piece of DLC with costumes for actual playable characters rather than being cosmetics for World Tour create-a-characters.

However, the new outfits have also launched at a surprising price point, and fans are taking to social media to stress their disappointment.

Street Fighter 6 Outfit 3 pricing has made already jaded fans even angrier

Street Fighter 6’s Outfit 3 costumes are priced at 300 Fighter Coins. This puts them just above the lowest cost of Fighter Coins available, which is 250 FC for $4.99. To buy the new suits, players must shell out $11.99 for the next highest bundle of 610 FC. Fighter Coins are a unique currency to Street Fighter 6, and cannot be unlocked or earned in-game.

To make matters worse, Outfit 3 is not unlockable through gameplay like Outfit 2. With a total of 18 costumes, players would have to fork over $100 to get all 18 costumes, and fans are pissed.

Currently, the only other way to get Outfit 3 is via the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, which costs $49.99. However, players who already purchased the Year 1 Character Pass would find much of the content doubled up. This also doesn’t take into account the cost of the base game itself, which runs $69.99 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Many fans are also using the opportunity to call out the game’s previous microtransaction-heavy releases. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crossover in August was the source of controversy with its 750 FC per skin cost, approximately $55 worth of FC for all four skins.

The Outfit 3 DLC consists of one new costume for each of the game’s core 18 fighters and four color schemes for each costume. No DLC characters are receiving new costumes at this time.

The latest DLC character, A.K.I., arrived in September. She’ll be followed by Ed sometime in the Winter of 2024 and Akuma in the Spring of 2024. As of this writing, no additional costume or character DLC has been announced.

Street Fighter 6 is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Serise X|S, and PC. For more Street Fighter 6 news, be sure to stick with Dexerto.

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