Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players discover secret trick that no one knows about

Andrew Highton
cal and bd-1 in star wars jedi survivor

After many in-game hours, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players are only now learning about a handy trick. Not only is it incredibly simple, but it makes certain tasks much quicker too.

We are a couple of weeks post-launch now with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – a game we called “one of the best Star Wars games, ever.” Its dodgy performance issues have been improved with subsequent patches, but the servers have also been a bit iffy.

Nevertheless, players are clearly still enjoying the game and there’s a good chance that fans have either finished the game or are close to doing so. Given that the title is fairly long, this is understandable. Remarkably though, a new trick has been circulating that is currently leaving players shocked and bemused.

Hidden BD-1 trick makes Star Wars Jedi: Survivor easier

When riding ziplines in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you can jump from line to line and do a complete 180. These are necessary tips to help you through the game and make traversal simpler.

Fans are shocked though that BD-1 has more tricks up his non-existent sleeves. “BD-1 on zip lines has a turbo when you press RT/R2. He also has brakes with LT/L2,” revealed one Reddit user.

You’re never actively told this by the game, and so the player has clearly stumbled across this useful trick in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. With some of the side content such as the Fractured Momentum assault course relying on precise zipline jumping and maneuvering, this becomes a massive boost for the user.

“Really, well too late, I’m fighting the final boss now,” said one player who had bypassed this trick for their playthrough. Whereas another player commented: “I’ve just platinumed the game about 30 mins ago and didn’t know this.

The comments go on and on about how no one seems to know about BD-1’s sneaky trick. Given that you will spend a lot of the game utilizing shortcut ziplines, you can save a lot of time.

Players are also busy having fun with other elements of the game such as the mod that turns Cal into another one of the game’s characters, as well as making Cal a carbon copy of Walter White from Breaking Bad.

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