Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player discovers game-breaking soft-lock glitch

Cassidy Stephenson
cal facing off with rayvis in star wars jedi survivor

One Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player had an unlucky experience with a game-breaking soft-lock glitch that required resetting the title.

Released on April 28, 2023, the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has had a rocky start. However, persistent problems mainly seem to exist in the PC version instead of the console. Players review-bombed Jedi: Survivor’s Steam page in response to the technical issues.

While performance problems can prove bothersome, one player discovered a heart-wrenching glitch that forced them to reset their playthrough. Here’s when the bug occurred and why the Star Wars fan demanded a refund.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor glitch forces reset

cal kestis star wars jedi survivor art

On the Star Wars Jedi subreddit, Reddit user Weird_Cantaloupe2757 explained the pickle they got themselves into without spoilers. After completing the chamber of duality and riding the elevator, the OP stresses meditating at the meditation site.

“If you die, it sends you back into the chamber, with no way to exit — fast travel is disabled at that meditation point, and the elevator will not open again,” Weird_Cantaloupe 2757 wrote. To fix the issue, players must start the game over.

The Reddit user revealed that they will attempt to receive a refund from Sony because they “can’t keep playing” the $70 game.

“I just want to point out that accessing the meditating spot doesn’t reset enemies. You actively have to choose the rest option,” Ultrachocobo explained. “Therefore, you should always click the meditating spot whenever you meet one because it has no downsides and prevents issues like the one above.”

aleotoremember also experienced the unfortunate glitch – which they spent 45 minutes trying to escape. “At least it didn’t take long for me to get there, but regardless, that shouldn’t be happening,” the player remarked.

After mass criticism, EA apologized for the poor-quality PC version of Jedi: Survivor. At the time of writing, there are no known details regarding potential refunds and when users could expect improvements.

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