Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained

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The ending of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor wraps up the events that take place throughout the game. If you want a quick explainer or are just intrigued about what happens, then this guide will summarize the ending and what it all means.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes place five years after Fallen Order and a lot has happened between the two games. In Respawn’s newest chapter, many fan-favorite characters return and even more story is told. Cal is now a bonafide Jedi, but still with much to learn as Survivor teaches us.

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Over the course of the game’s lengthy campaign, there are interesting twists and turns and it builds to an exciting climax. The game’s narrative ultimately leads to a tense final third and a dramatic finale. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick explainer detailing the final moments of Survivor.

It goes without saying that some major spoilers are about to be discussed. You have been warned.

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What happens at the end of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s story culminates in a showdown on Tanalorr. Cal, Merrin, and Greez successfully navigate their way to the idyllic planet – with Cal and Merring leaving the Mantis in search of the traitorous Bode Akuna.

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They find Bode’s daughter Kata and she takes them to Bode. He rejects Cal and Merrin’s attempts at reconciliation and refuses to surrender. This leads to a long fight between Cal and Bode with Merrin simultaneously providing assistance to Cal and getting Kata to safety.

After Cal eventually gets the better of Bode, the turncoat Jedi asks if Cal can protect Kata from the Empire. He receives a dejected silence from Cal and Bode laughs and springs from his downed state to grab Cal.

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In the process, he force pushes Kata away and nearly kills Merrin with the force choke. Cal uses dark powers to break Bode’s hold on himself and Merrin, and both Jedis pull out blasters.

Bode fires, but his gun doesn’t work, but Cal’s does and he fatally shoots Bode twice.

In the aftermath, the crew hosts a funeral in which the bodies of Bode Akuna, Cere Junda, and Eno Cordova are burned. Everyone leaves but Cal who ends up telepathically speaking to Cere.

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Cal confesses his fear and admits his frailties when it comes to the dark side, worried he will fully embrace it. Cere reassures him though and tells Cal to “guide her through the darkness.”

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