Is Darth Vader in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features both returning and new characters to flesh out its ambitious narrative. But after his appearance in Fallen Order, some fans are wondering about the presence of Darth Vader in Respawn’s newest Star Wars game.

Even people who don’t like Star Wars know who Darth Vader is. From his evil-looking red lightsaber to his fear-inducing helmet. The father of Luke Skywalker and one of the Empire’s greatest weapons, Darth Vader is Star Wars.

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So fans were pleasantly surprised when the former Anakin Skywalker appeared toward the end of Fallen Order. Although a brief cameo, it made sense and added even more suspense and drama to the game’s conclusion.

With Star Wars Jedi: Survivor now out, it begs the question, does Darth Vader return for more screen time?

It goes without saying, potentially some major spoilers ahead, so turn back now if you want to keep things a mystery.

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Does Darth Vader appear in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Darth Vader does indeed return in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. His role is only brief once more, but his actions have dire consequences for the rest of Survivor’s story.

After Bode Akuna betrays Cal Kestis and the rest of the team, the Empire arrives on Jedha to eliminate what’s left of the Jedi Order and destroy the archives.

Cere and Merrin are able to stave off an Empire onslaught, but as Cere returns to the archives to salvage what’s left, Darth Vader arrives to confront Cere – wanting revenge for her trying to kill him in Fallen Order.

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The grudge between Cere and Darth Vader boils down to a simple 1v1 boss fight, and we have tips below.

cal and darth vader in star wars jedi fallen orderRespawn Entertainment

How to beat Darth Vader in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The key to beating Darth Vader in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is parrying. In our estimation, Vader is the toughest fight in all of the game, and this is for a variety of reasons. To make things easier, use some of our tips to beat him.

Parry, parry, parry

As with all melee enemies, Darth Vader has a series of combo attacks that will give you a chance to parry to deplete his stamina gauge and break his guard. Chances are, you’ll need a few goes to nail down his moveset. But in a lot of the fight, you’re better off just waiting for him to attack so that you can parry him.

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Small combos do the most damage

Darth Vader will react to your attacks, and his actions will vary. We find that, depending on RNG, you can get into a rhythm early on of launching a 3-strike combo, waiting, and maybe launching a quick 2-hit combo. Again, monitor his behavior as being too aggressive will cause him to attack through your strikes, and he deals big damage.

Range is not your friend

If he pushes you away at any point, make sure you get close to him. He likes launching debris from the rubble of the archives around you. Also, if you are too far away then he will frequently force pull you toward him and give you little time to react to his next attack.

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Be conservative with your Stims

One of the reasons this fight is so tough is because you don’t have the luxury of Cal’s stims. As Cal, you’ve likely accumulated a fair helping of extra Stims, making certain battles easier. Cere only has 4 heals for you, and this is a multi-phase fight that gets harder as it goes on. So only use a Stim if your health is dangerously low to ensure you get the most out of each boost of HP.

That wraps up everything you need to know about Darth Vader in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. For more useful guides on the game, check out our articles below:

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