Hilarious Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bug breaks the entire game with a simple mount

Brad Norton
Star Wars Jedi Survivor bug

It turns out just a single mount can all but shatter the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor experience into pieces as popular content creator Joseph Anderson found out the hard way due to a hilarious bug.

While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is already outperforming expectations on the business side, and critics have largely praised its evolution on Fallen Order, the early success hasn’t come without its fair share of setbacks.

From critical performance issues on both PC and console, to an assortment of bugs, devs at Respawn have been rushing out a number of rapid updates. Though in some cases, they’ve actually played into this element, acknowledging certain exploits directly in-game for those trying to break the intended experience.

That’s just what YouTuber Joseph Anderson was trying to do during his latest session, wherein, he successfully broke the game. However, this instance didn’t come with a friendly message from the devs. Rather, a quirky interaction between a mount and the Mantis ship led to a hilarious sequence where the world all but fell apart.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mount
Mounts help you reach new areas Cal can’t otherwise reach in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Brand new in Survivor are a number of unique mounts. These helpful creatures are designed to help you explore the sequel’s larger open areas much more efficiently than on foot. Though as you might expect, their placement around various planets is intentional. There are just certain locations where they’re not supposed to be.

One such location is inside the Mantis, the player’s main method of transportation between said planets in the game. Clearly not a fan of that rule, Anderson set out to lure a mount inside the ship and see what would happen. Theoretically, could he take a creature on a warp-speed trip to another side of the galaxy? Well, it turns out, that wasn’t quite the case.

Upon guiding a mount up the entrance ramp and directly inside the Mantis, the content creator was over the moon. “He’s in! Now what happens if we fly?” he joked. Upon charting a course for the Shattered Moon, things quickly fell apart.

Cal Kestis and his trusty mount clipped through the ship and fell to the ground. Though upon respawning, they were left on Koboh while Greez piloted the Mantis out into orbit. Laughing hysterically as he watched, Anderson witness Survivor from a new angle, as the game changed colors, a giant ball of light pushed into the distance, and before long, made Koboh vanish.

Rather than respawning on the ship at a new location, the game simply froze on a black screen and forced a full restart. Naturally, this clearly wasn’t intended, but now it’s out in the wild, we’re sure to see a bug fix come through in the near future.

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