Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players praise hilarious boss: “Best fight in the game”

Jedi Survivor Boss FightRespawn Entertainment

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players are flooding social media to talk about the hilarious boss fight that caught them completely off guard. The creators have been praised by fans for including a humorous battle in the midst of a pivotal stage.

The newest Star Wars Jedi game has arrived, and gamers can now experience another adventure with Cal Kestis while sporting a beard and new lightsaber stances. As players go through the plot, they’ll reach various exciting climaxes.

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In addition, some players are posting their highlight reels from Survivor on social media, which has generated considerable interest in the game. One of the viral moments is a humorous boss fight that occurs in the middle of a dramatic part of the game.

Rick The Door Technician emerges as fan-favorite boss in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal Kestis, a Jedi Knight, embarks on a galactic adventure in Respawn Entertainment’s newest game to find a safe haven for the Jedi Order to reestablish itself and remain concealed from the Galactic Empire.

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On Nova Garon, within Imperial Post 8L-005, the Jedi faces a particularly intriguing boss who appears unexpectedly and is now widely regarded as the game’s best boss fight. Stormtrooper Rick the Door Technician charges towards Cal, shouting and brandishing an Electric Baton.

A single blow from a player’s lightsaber, though, will put an end to it. Fans have made amusing remarks about the addition of Rick’s duel, and devs have received high praise for incorporating a humorous interlude in the midst of an otherwise serious level.

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One user mentioned how they had to “pause the game” in order to laugh at the absurdity they had just encountered. Another Star Wars user got a big kick out the comment and said: “I know had to use most of my stims to help survive”, in a snarky remark.

One player let the rest of the community in on a little secret and said: “And he’s also voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (Spider man from Spider-Man PS4, and a ton of other stuff)”.

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Others who saw the comment chimed in to praise Yuri’s comic timing and point out that he voiced many Stormtroopers in the first game of the Star Wars Jedi franchise.

Even though players will rarely run into Rick if they stick to the correct path inside Nova Garon, their encounter with him will provide the lighthearted relief that many Star Wars fans crave in the midst of tense battles and escalating plot twists.