Star Wars Jedi Survivor dev confirms surprise fight on Koboh isn’t a glitch

Brianna Reeves
jedi survivor rancor glitch

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor designer confirmed that what many assumed was a glitched Rancor encounter was actually developed on purpose.

Rancor were some of the toughest foes to fight in Fallen Order and the same holds true for the newly released Jedi Survivor.

The Legendary Rancor boss on Jedi Survivor’s Koboh planet can prove especially challenging, even for those who believe themselves adept at the combat system. But this battle in the Sodden Grotto Mines isn’t the only place users can find a fierce Rancor while exploring Koboh.

Recently, a Redditor shared a gameplay clip of themselves fighting Purge Troopers when a Rancor suddenly popped out of the ground and ate Cal for dinner.

Other Redditors said they’ve also seen the creature prowling around the Rambler’s Reach area, but no one knew if it was a glitch. A Respawn developer has provided an interesting bit of insight about the stranger encounter.

Jedi Survivor’s surprise Rancor encounter isn’t a glitch

Jedi Survivor’s Senior Encounter Designer, Patrick Wren, shared the aforementioned Reddit clip on his Twitter page. In a caption accompanying the post, Wren revealed the random Rancor encounter isn’t a mistake.

While praising the design behind enemy patrols in the Valley, the developer noted “there is a very small chance of what happens below too.”

This suggests that not only did the team purposefully create the Rancor attack, but it will also be found by a small percentage of players.

As of now, it’s unclear if players actually have the opportunity to fight off the Rancor when it suddenly rises from beneath the ground.

The clip above indicates that many will likely have to simply cut their losses when it decides to show up. After all, the Rancor species continues to prove it stands a cut above Jedi Survivor’s other enemies in the difficulty department.