Viral Smash Ultimate Halo video shows how Master Chief could be revealed

Master Chief in Smash UltimateNintendo/Microsoft

Halo protagonist Master Chief has long been a popular candidate for Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, and a new video shows how his reveal could work.

Fresh off The Game Awards announcement that Final Fantasy 7’s Sephiroth would be DLC fighter 8, a user on Reddit uploaded a clip that, just like the TGA announcement, remixes the continuity of Smash Ultimate footage.

Early on in Smash Ultimate’s World of Light, Galeem and numerous Master Hands attack the cast and imprison all the fighters except Kirby.

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While Sephiroth’s reveal has The One Winged Angel cut down the boss and his minions, this fan-made Master Chief trailer starts just as Galeem begins his attack.

Galeem from Smash UltimateNintendo
Sephiroth doesn’t kill Galeem in this Chief reveal.

Right after Samus, Mewtwo, Zelda, Pikachu and Sonic get imprisoned as usual, the music cuts to that iconic Halo theme, and we can see Master Chief attempting to outrun the beams.

The scene itself with Master Chief running is actually taken from Halo 2 and the “Sorry, were you in the middle of something?” segment.

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Amusingly, just as Sephiroth’s reveal and fight with Cloud paid homage to the film Advent Children, this reference to Halo 2 (which is considered to be the best in the series) could be great fan service.

While the edit cuts out right after Chief looks over his shoulder while running, this template would be a great way to seamlessly incorporate the Halo star to the Smash universe.

Best of all, there is still a very real chance that Master Chief ends up coming to Smash Ultimate, with Fighters Pass Volume 2 still having three characters yet to be announced.

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The Xbox icon has been discussed for Smash quite a bit by both fandoms – and given the fact that Microsoft has let Banjo and Steve from Minecraft come to Nintendo’s flagship fighter, the door is certainly open.

In fact, right after Steve’s reveal, Xbox France was asked when Master Chief would come to Smash – and the Microsoft account replied, “He’s still waiting for his invitation.”

Hopefully, if Master Chief does in fact end up coming to Smash Ultimate, his reveal ends up being as good as the fan-made video, which has received many awards on Reddit since first being posted.

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