Twitch streamer hilariously roasts Smash B0xx controller amid Hax$-Leffen drama

Twitch streamer majinobama on the b0xxTwitch/majinobama/B0xx

A Twitch streamer had an incredible take on Melee pro Aziz ‘Hax$’ Al-Yami’s controller, the B0xx, as he tuned in to the player’s absurd “Evidence.Zip 2” video accusing William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte of being a dark triad and totalitarian.

The Super Smash Bros community was left bewildered after Hax$ released his bizarre two-and-a-half-hour video explaining why he felt Leffen was an evil doer who manipulates the Melee scene, with some streamers broadcasting their reactions.

MajinObama was one such streamer, who, while shocked by Hax$’s wild claims, figured his review was a good place to roast the B0xx.

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The B0xx is a special ergonomic controller designed by Hax$ and essentially gives Melee players a typical arcade fight stick to work with and is featured heavily in the Evidence.Zip 2 video.

“Bro, if you ever go to a tournament and you see somebody playing on this s**t, walk the f**k out of that venue immediately,” MajinObama said.

“Cause if any motherf**ker is crazy enough to play on s**t like this… if anybody is crazy enough to get on an airplane, go on TSA, slide this through the scanner and then look a TSA agent in the eye and say ‘yeah, it’s for my Smash Bros tournament,’ they are insane.”

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Continuing with the theme of those who use the B0xx being unwell, MajinObama joked, “if something goes down and someone pulls out a Pokeball or an item, or someone f**ks up the set, you end up playing on a banned stage or some s**t, they are going to go ballistic.”

The streamer also poked fun at Hax$ comparing Leffen to Death Note anti-hero Light Yagami — an anime character who kills people by writing their name in his book.

According to Hax$, Leffen blocking people who disagree with him on Twitter is similar to Light writing names in a Death Note.

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“Is that where we’re going with this?” MajinObama laughed. “Leffen’s Twitter is the Death Note? Ya’ll are f**king crazy!”

The whole video and MajinObama’s reactions are certainly meme-worthy. Seeing as the response Hax$’s accusations have had, it will be wild to see what the future holds for his Smash career.