Fortnite Jonesy concept revealed for Smash Ultimate with Infinity Blade and full moveset

James Busby
Epic Games

As the excitement surrounding Smash Ultimate’s 10th DLC fighter reaches new heights, one player has created the perfect concept for Fortnite’s Jonesy. 

Xenoblade’s Pyra and Mythra were the last characters to join Smash Ultimate’s ever-growing roster, but news on the final two Fighter Pass slots remains scarce. Nintendo has yet to give any official news, which has led to plenty of speculation circulating online. In fact, the latest rumors point towards Crash Bandicoot entering the game after Crash’s official Twitter account posted a cryptic teaser.

However, one fan has created an exciting concept that would make Fortnite’s Jonesy the perfect candidate for Sakurai’s beloved brawler. Jonesy appears in numerous promotional content and trailers, making him one of the most instantly recognizable faces in Fortnite. With a background in fighting in intense BR modes, Jonesy is certainly no stranger to competitive fighting. 

Jonesy Smash Ultimate fighter concept

Jonesy Fortnite
Epic Games
Jonesy has a lot of tricks up his sleeves.

Whether you’re a Fortnite fan or not, there’s no denying just how popular Epic’s free-to-play BR title is. Its blend of shooting, looting, and building continues to attract players from all over the world. However, it’s not just Fortnite’s overall popularity that makes Jonesy such a strong addition to Smash Ultimate’s Fighter Pass. 

Reddit user Jtneagle showcased all of Jonesy’s abilities and how they would function in-game. Jonesy would be able to create defensive structures, cycle between numerous weapons, and utilize traps that would make him an absolute menace on the battlefield. 

Jonesy Smash
Jonesy would be a great addition to Smash Ultimate.

His down smash even enables Jonesy to unleash a devastating spin attack with the game’s iconic Infinity Blade, while his taunts feature some classic Fortnite dances. The blonde-haired soldier can also launch himself into the air via his launchpad and deploy his glider. Not only would this move enable him to spike enemies for those off-map KOs, but it would also enable him to safely reposition. 

The damage reduction from his down special (mini shield) also gives Jonesy excellent tanking potential, giving him great survivability. His mixture of ranged and close-quarter attacks ensures that players can constantly poke from afar before closing in to deliver some devastating melee damage. 

Jtneagle’s character Fortnite/Smash concept is definitely an interesting one, but whether Jonesy will ever make his way to Smash Ultimate remains to be seen.