Crash Bandicoot Smash Ultimate E3 rumors intensify after cryptic post

Michael Gwilliam
Crash Bandicoot joining Smash Ultimate in Fighters Pass Volume 2Nintendo

Smash Ultimate fans hoping to see Crash Bandicoot announced as DLC fighter 10 at E3 are holding their breath after the official Crash Twitter account posted quite a cryptic teaser.

Crash has long been a fan favorite character to join the cast of Smash Bros and with E3 right around the corner, it’s looking like if it was going to happen, this would be it.

Now, with Crash’s own voice actors teasing some sort of a reveal, the devs saying they’d like to see him added and now a tease being posted, fans think something is happening – soon!

On June 1, the Crash Bandicoot Twitter account posted a pair of images marking the game’s 25th anniversary. In the images, Crash is looking through a bucket list of things he wanted to get done to celebrate.

In a box marked “Crash’s memories and collectables” are a trophy, a CD titled Wumptastic Mix Vol 2, a list of reminders and a “Crash 25 before 25” checklist. Notably, not every item on the list he has is visible, leading some fans to believe joining Smash is a possibility.

Though a bit of a reach, the “volume 2” on the CD could be connected to Fighters Pass Volume 2, of which are are only two fighters remaining.

Interestingly, in the second image there is an envelope-like object that somewhat resembles the invitations character get to join the game in Smash lore.

Users picked up on this immediately and began suspecting that this teaser was really for Smash Ultimate.

What makes this teaser quite peculiar is how it lines up with a supposedly leaked “five year plan” that Activision had for Crash that included getting him into Smash Ultimate by 2021.

Could Activision be pulling some sort of a meta joke referencing the leak with this teaser? Considering how close E3 is and all the rumors involving Smash lately, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Bandicoot may just be joining the roster.

Of course, nothing is confirmed just yet, but all eyes are on E3 as the possible reveal draws near.