Smash Ultimate's 5th DLC fighter leaked from this classic series - Dexerto

Smash Ultimate’s 5th DLC fighter leaked from this classic series

Published: 16/Oct/2019 21:04 Updated: 16/Oct/2019 21:28

by Michael Gwilliam


A new leak regarding the fifth downloadable fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate has surfaced. 

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Smash leaker Brew Elfen has a history of accurate leaks including the addition of the wildly unpredictable Piranha Plant before he was announced. Now, Brew has given another hint as to who the next fighter is, but his hand may have been forced. 

Earlier in October, a 4chan user claiming to be Brew claimed that Fortnite’s Jonesy would be joining the cast of characters. The user also linked to Brew’s original Piranha Plant leak in a weird attempt to show who he was. 


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Now, Brew has come out and debunked the fake Fortnite leak, but in the process revealed that: “Ryu Hayabusa will be joining the Brothers of Smashing in 2019”.

This isn’t the first time Ryu Hayabusa’s name has popped up in Smash leaks by seemingly credible sources. 

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As Dexerto reported back in September, a YouTuber by the name of IAmShifty claimed that the 4th character in the fighter pass would be Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. 

“Yes, I do actually know who the next DLC character will be. I’ve leaked stuff for Smash Bros before, I have sources that occasionally tells me things about Smash,” he said.


In August of 2018 the YouTuber leaked that Isabelle, Incineroar and Ken would be coming to the game. 

Koei Tecmo / NintendoCould Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu be next in line to join the fight?
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While the new character ended up being Terry from SNK’s Fatal Fury, it’s possible that there was a bit of a mix-up with the timing or fine details. 

Ninja Gaiden is an NES classic with a major history on Nintendo platforms, so Ryu Hayabusa would be a good addition to the game. While Ryu from Street Fighter is already in Smash, this wouldn’t be the first time two Smash characters share the same name as both Roy from Fire Emblem and the Bowser JR alternative costume. 


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With Terry set to be released in November, it’s possible the fifth fighter could be unveiled with his arrival. The original five DLC fighters will all be available by February 2020, but Nintendo did announce that more fighters would be coming

Could one of them be Ryu Hayabusa? We’ll have to wait to see.