More Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters coming after Fighters Pass

Alan Bernal

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players loving the enormous variety of fighters to choose from got exciting news September 4 that will pave the way for an even bigger roster.

Fans of the legendary brawler were looking forward to September’s Nintendo Direct to find out more about the third character from the Fighter Pass, Banjo-Kazooie, but no one was expecting the special announcements the devs had in store.

While there’s been official word that SNK star Terry Bogard will be the fourth fighter in the DLC offering for SSBU, fans dreading the end of the DLC lineup got incredible news to look forward to in 2020.

NintendoThere was a time where Mario vs Banjo was only possible through mods, so who knows what the next Fighter Pass will bring.

Nintendo shocked the Smash community after announcing that there are already new fighters under development to be implemented after the release of the fifth fighter by February 2020. 

“We’re happy to confirm the development of more DLC fighters for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate,” the Nintendo Direct announcer said. “Outside the five fighters included in the Fighter Pass, we can confirm that other new fighters are in development.”

The Nintendo Direct gave millions of SSBU fans renewed hope for iconic characters of other franchises to make it into the game and that “the battle isn’t over yet.”

NintendoSSBU players will be sure to look forward to even more DLC characters.

With one character still due in the initial Fighter Pass, speculation has been running wild with some fans believing they will be connected to the Nintendo port of Overwatch.

As Super Smash Bros. fans know, there hasn’t been much of a limit on who Nintendo can acquire to include in their game.

NintendoThe end of the Fighter Pass is near, but Nintendo still has more surprises in store.

In franchise history, there’s already been characters like Joker and Snake, who were initially exclusive to rival PlayStation systems. But even they received a spot in the Smash lineup.

The announcement of another iteration for the Fighter Pass will undoubtedly keep players invested in the game for a long time to come.

Even in the pro community, characters like Joker and Hero made their presence immediately known and has changed how a lot of players approach a match.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players will be looking forward to how Nintendo mix up the formula of their legendary fighting game with the sequel to their Fighter Pass.

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