Smash Ultimate: How to watch Sakurai presents Sephiroth stream

Michael Gwilliam
Cloud and Sephiroth fight in Smash Ultimate

Final Fantasy 7’s Sephiroth shocked the world when he was announced as the eighth Smash Ultimate DLC fighter at The Game Awards. Now, series creator Masahiro Sakurai has a special presentation planned for the edgy swordsman.

Sephiroth is considered by many to be the best video game antagonist of all time, so the fact he’s getting added to Smash is a big treat for fans of Nintendo’s flagship fighter and Final Fantasy.

The reveal trailer for Sephiroth showed off some bits and pieces of his kit for Smash Ultimate including his Up Smash, Neutral B and Down-Air but there are still a lot of moves the community doesn’t know about.

As usual, Sakurai will have a presentation where the Smash Director goes through all of the fighter’s moves, background and more news related to the game.

Sephiroth attacks Captain Falcon
Sephiroth packs a punch.

When and where is Sakurai presents Sephiroth?

The stream will begin on December 17 at 2PM PT, 5PM ET or 11PM CET depending on where you’re watching from.

Just like with other presentations, it’s likely that this will be filmed from Sakurai’s own house, as what happened with Min-Min and Minecraft Steve.

Additionally, you can watch the broadcast live on Nintendo’s YouTube channels.

What will the presentation be about?

Sakurai will be going over the history of Sephiroth, his moves, alternate costumes, stage, Final Smash and more.

The Smash creator should also be playing the character for himself by going through the fighter’s Classic Mode route or some other game mode. Plus, Sephiroth’s release date will be revealed.

In the past, these presentations have also featured Mii Fighter announcements too, so be on the lookout for those near the end of the broadcast.

Sephiroth in Smash Bros
He will never be a memory.

The presentation is said to last roughly 35 minutes, which isn’t too out of the ordinary considering Min-Min’s stream was about the same.

Will another fighter be revealed?

Sadly, Sephiroth will be the only focus of the presentation. According to a translation by content creator PushDustIn, the Japanese video description states that the video will only be for Sephiroth.

That said, as we previously mentioned, Mii Fighters should be shown off too, so hopefully at least one of those piques your interest.

We cannot wait to see what else Sakurai has in store for us with Fighters Pass Volume 2 as Sephiroth really caught the community off-guard with his inclusion.