Smash Ultimate 10.0.0 update patch notes: Sephiroth Challenge mode

. 2 years ago
Sephiroth Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Square Enix, Nintendo Co.

Final Fantasy fans were elated to see Sephiroth enter the world of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Here’s the patch notes containing everything you need to know about the Sephiroth Challenge event.

The recent announcement that Final Fantasy’s character was joining the Smash Bros party was one that had fans beyond ecstatic. The fan favorite antagonist will be DLC Fighter Number 8, and it’ll be exciting to see how the one winged angel fares against some of Nintendo’s most iconic characters.

With patch 10.0.0 being added to the game, players will be able to participate in the challenge, something some fans have already went ahead and done to stay one step in front of their opponents.

Below are all of the details you need about Sephiroth’s Challenge, alongside some notes regarding enhanced gameplay and video replays.

Square Enix / PlayStation
Final Fantasy’s iconic Sephiroth has arrived to dominate Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate patch notes 10.0.0


– The Sephiroth Challenge mode event has been added for a limited time.

– You can attempt this mode if you’ve purchased the Sephiroth Challenger Pack or the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Defeating Sephiroth will unlock him as a playable fighter and grant access to his stage.

– This mode will appear on the upper left of the main menu. Press the + Button to take on the challenge.

– Once the event period is over, the mode will become unavailable, but Sephiroth and his stage will be unlocked immediately for anyone who has purchased the Sephiroth Challenger Pack or the Fighters Pass Vol. 2.

– Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.

Note that you cannot make videos of replays that contain DLC you have not purchased (fighters, stages, music, Mii Fighter costumes, etc.).

No more waiting, Sephiroth has descended into battle!

What to expect from Sephiroth

While his combat style in the game remains largely shrouded in mystery, it can be rest assured that this devilish character will bring some darkness to the Smash universe.

Armed with his signature deadly katana Masamune, his melee style combat makes him perfect for brawling. When you add the fact he controls the elements into the mix, it’s pretty obvious that Sephiroth is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

His associated trailer sees him slashing enemies right, left and center, as well as spearing his opponents into walls. It’ll be interesting to see how Smash integrates a more hardcore character into its cartoon style universe, but we’re certainly excited to get our hands on this infamous villain!

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