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Nintendo confirms date for Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter five reveal

Published: 14/Jan/2020 15:21

by Matt Porter


Nintendo have officially revealed when fans of popular fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can expect to find out who the next character heading to the game will be, announcing a special presentation featuring the game’s director.

Fans were eagerly anticipating an announcement in early January when a Nintendo Direct presentation was scheduled, but once it became clear that the event was solely focussed on Pokemon, players were left to wonder as to when we would receive news on the next fighter to jump into the action.

Finally, Nintendo have confirmed when the information will be released worldwide, and the good news is that fans don’t have long to wait until they can catch their first glimpse of the newest fighter in the game.

nintendo smash bros ultimate dlc fighter 5 reveal

In a tweet sent out on Tuesday, January 14 from the official Nintendo Versus Twitter page, it was confirmed that the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai would be taking part in a special 35-minute video livestream, that will feature an in-depth look at the game’s next DLC fighter which will be unveiled during the broadcast.

The presentation will take place on Thursday, January 16, with the broadcast starting at 6:00 AM PST / 9:00 AM EST / 2:00 PM GMT on Nintendo’s social media platforms, with information about a release time and date for the new character expected to round-off the unveiling, letting fans know when they’ll be able to download the game’s fifth DLC pack.

Who will be the next Smash Ultimate fighter?

While the announcement is set, neither Nintendo nor Sakurai have given fans any hints about who we can expect to see. That doesn’t mean external sources haven’t let some things slip, however, with the favorite to be the next DLC fighter currently Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise.

Back on January 9, Capcom producer Matt Walker stated that major announcements for their franchise were coming on January 16, January 30, and February 13, and with Thursday now confirmed to hold news for the future of Smash Ultimate’s DLC, these two appear to be linked. On top of that, the voice actor who plays V in DMC also let slip that Dante was coming to Smash Bros. during an interview on the AMA podcast in early January.

For official confirmation, we’ll have to wait until January 16 though, and perhaps Nintendo will throw a spanner in the works and unleash an unexpected fighter into the world.


Smash Ultimate’s Sakurai reveals which PS5 game he highly recommends

Published: 26/Nov/2020 21:17

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros series creator Masahiro Sakurai is known to play all sorts of games, and not just ones made by Nintendo. In a new Famitsu column, the Ultimate director revealed that he got his hands on a PlayStation 5 and what game is recommends the most.

In a translation by Source Gaming, the fifty-year-old explained how he really likes the new Sony console calling it, “nice to touch” due to its smoothness.

According to Sakurai, although he had some issues transferring his PS4 cloud saves to the next-gen console, he’s glad he can play them on PS5.

The first game he played on the console was The Ninja Saviors, but he also used the PS5’s upgrade feature to play an enhanced version of Watch Dogs: Legion. Sakurai was impressed with how the graphics look better in certain places.

Watch Dogs Legion screenshot
Sakurai was enjoying the graphical upgrade for Watch Dogs Legion.

It should be noted, however, that this doesn’t mean that a Watch Dogs character will be coming to Smash Bros anytime soon. Although Sakurai does play the games upcoming fighters are from, he also simply enjoys playing through many titles.

Besides, if Ubisoft was going to get a representative in Smash Ultimate, chances are it would be Rayman and not a Watch Dogs protagonist such as Aiden Pierce.

In any case, Watch Dogs isn’t even the PS5 game he recommends the most, with that title going to Astro’s Playroom.

Sakurai suggests everyone play it because it “acts like a PlayStation archive” and found it to be a “fittingly fresh start to the PS5.”

That all said though, he wasn’t as impressed in other areas. Sakurai says he found the built-in hard drive to be lacking storage space. He also really hopes that the supply issues some people are having are rectified so others can get their hands on the console.

Astro's Playroom controller
Sakurai thinks gamers need to try Astro’s Playroom.

It’s good to see that Sakurai is actively gaming while also working on Smash Ultimate’s next four DLC fighters. So far, there’s no indication as to when fighter 8 will be released, but some rumors have suggested it could be coming in December at The Game Awards.

Until then, hopefully, just like Sakurai, you have a PS5 to keep you busy.