July Nintendo Direct rumors hint at Smash Ultimate DLC fighter reveal

Michael Gwilliam
Geno in Smash Ultimate

[jwplayer h3XPfMqQ]A new rumor has surfaced hinting that a new Nintendo Direct could be coming in July, and with it, the seventh Smash Ultimate DLC fighter.

The speculation first began when Twitter user KeliosFR tweeted that a Direct was coming in July in response to Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb’s list of upcoming presentations.

“You forgot Nintendo Direct (in July),” the French leaker replied.

As it turns out, KeliosFR has had a history of correct leaks in regards to Animal Crossing and Nintendo Direct leaks, thus making him a reputable source.

Will a new Smash fighter be announced?

Smash Bros factors into this equation for a number of reasons. Back in March, Nintendo held a Direct Mini where they announced that DLC fighter six would be from ARMS, and their identity would be revealed in June.

That character ended up being Min Min, but the formula could end up being something that Nintendo repeats going forward.

Could a July Nintendo Direct see the company reveal what franchise the next fighter will be from along with their release date while still keeping their identity a secret? It’s certainly possible.

Nintendo Direct logo
Could there be a July Nintendo Direct?

Geno for Smash?

Another huge theory suggests the ever-popular fan-favorite Geno from Super Mario RPG could be coming to Smash.

The theory all has to do with the number seven. With July being the seventh month of the year, the next DLC being Challenger Pack 7, the next fighter being the 77th, signs are pointing that Geno could be next.

Remember, the full title of the game is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. There’s a lot of sevens and it may be the perfect time to reveal Geno.

Smash Ultimate Challenger Pack 7
Could Geno be Challenger Pack 7?

It’s worth noting that Nintendo does listen to fans’ suggestions and allegedly even wanted another popular fan-favorite in Sora from Kingdom Hearts, but was denied by Disney.

Given Geno’s popularity amongst both Western and Japanese fandoms it may be his time to shine soon.

Regardless, there’s still five more characters to come as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2. Even if he isn’t next, there’s still a good possibility that he joins the battle eventually.