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Completed Smash Ultimate character screen hints at a third Fighters Pass

Published: 11/Jun/2020 23:57 Updated: 11/Jun/2020 23:59

by Michael Gwilliam


With six fighters still coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate with Fighters Pass Volume 2, one question players have had is “will there be a third?”. A newly-created render of what the character select screen will look like once Volume 2 is completed may provide some insight into that question.

Whenever a new fighter is added, the character select screen changes ever so slightly to adjust for their addition and center the board with the bottom row consisting of less than the upper two.

There’s also two forms of the character select screen – one with Echo fighters stacked and one without. The one without the stacks is primary, while the one with puts the Echo fighters such as Dark Samus and Dark Pit in the upper right hand corner of a character’s square.

With some modding help, Redditor epicmartin7_ created a mockup of both screens once the six upcoming fighters are released.

“You can add CSS squares just by changing some parameter values. In this case, I enabled some CSS UI entries they have for Bosses in WoL and Classic mode,” he explained.

The stacked Echo fighters screen is perfectly balanced.

The most interesting thing about the mockup for the standard character select screen is that there will be just enough room for four additional fighters once Volume 2 is completed.

However, on the stacked Echo fighters version, the screen matches up perfectly with no empty spaces available.

One theory is that there will be four final Echo fighters to round out the roster. This would allow for both screens to be perfectly balanced – as all things should be.

Could we be getting four new Echo fighters?

Could there be a final Fighters Pass consisting of only Echo fighters? Only time will tell. Until then, here’s our list for five Echo fighters we want to see in Smash Ultimate.

All that’s known thus far is that the next DLC fighter will be from the ARMS franchise and released later in June. The remaining fighters in Volume 2 are scheduled to all be out by the placeholder date of December 31, 2021.


New Smash Ultimate fighter theory rules out fan-favorites as next DLC

Published: 25/Nov/2020 19:11 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 19:17

by Michael Gwilliam


A new theory in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate community suggests that the next DLC character won’t be one of the popular favorites for Fighters Pass Volume 2.

The theory has to do with the latest tournament event announced by Nintendo. As revealed on November 24, the upcoming tournament will only feature fighters who have a form of headwear such as a hat or helmet.

Normally these events come and go with fans not really reading too much into them, but there is a good chance that Nintendo would want a new fighter to partake in an event such as this.

Basically, if the next DLC fighter was going to be a character such as Doom Slayer, Geno or Ryu Hayabusa, they would have qualified for this event. As such, it would have made more sense to save this tournament until after they released.

Over on the popular forum Smashboards, fans started speculating what this could mean for future DLC.

“The tourney suggests that the next fighter does NOT have a hat, since they cannot be included,” wrote user Aerospherology.

“Considering Mega Man is also there, this includes helmets too,” another pointed out.

Megaman attacks in Smash
The headgear event includes helmets such as Megaman’s.

User pupNapoleon further noted that this would rule out Master Chief, Doom Guy, Excite Biker, Balloon Fighter and Mach Rider.

Furthermore, when considering full hoods, Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa get deconfirmed.

Smash Ultimate DLC fighters spots
There are still four more DLC spots left.

While the odds seem to definitely be against Geno for now, on the bright side, this could be a good sign for a fighter such as Crash Bandicoot who has long been rumored for Smash DLC.

Of course, this is still just a theory and it’s more than possible that the next fighter ends up coming with a hat or helmet. Nonetheless, it’s something to consider when thinking about just who the eighth DLC character to join the Smash Ultimate roster will actually be.