Crash Bandicoot voice actor teases new project amid Smash Ultimate rumors

Crash Bandicoot in Smash Ultimate fighters pass volume 2Nintendo/Activision

Crash Bandicoot’s voice actor has teased that he’s working on a new project amid speculation that the gaming legend is coming to Smash Bros Ultimate. Could this be a hint?

With just two spaces left on the Fighters Pass Volume 2, Smash fans have been going into overdrive trying to figure out which popular characters could appear in the game next, with everyone from Master Chief to Ryu Hayabusa being rumored to join the roster.

However, there’s one DLC character in particular that gamers have been hoping to see ever since third-party characters began appearing in the Smash Bros series: the iconic marsupial Crash Bandicoot.

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Crash Bandicoot in his 4th gameActivision
Crash in Smash? It’s about time.

Is Crash Bandicoot coming to Smash Ultimate?

Crash Bandicoot has been rumored to appear as a DLC fighter in Smash Ultimate for months now, but a recent Instagram post from the character’s voice actor Scott Whyte has added some fuel to the fire.

In the post, Scott can be seen recording lines alongside Lex Lang, who voices Neo Cortex in the Crash Bandicoot games. You might assume this is for a new Crash game, but apparently, that’s not the case.

“Well lookie lookie! It’s Neo Cortex and Crash Bandicoot working together on a fun new project,” teased Scott. “No, this one is not another Crash game (or is it?? Haha!).”

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Considering the new project is “not another Crash game,” many fans have been speculating what it could be for – and one of the biggest guesses has been that they could be recording for Crash’s debut in Smash Ultimate.


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That’s not all, as down in the comments section, things got even more exciting.

When a follower asked if he and Lex were recording lines for a Smash trailer, Scott simply replied with a ‘shrugging shoulders’ emoji. While that’s certainly not confirmation, it’s also not denial…

Insiders have cast doubt on Crash appearing in Smash Ultimate, but the devs behind the recent sequel Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time have said they would “love” a Smash Ultimate crossover to happen.

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While we wait with bated breath to see whether Crash will indeed join the fight, here’s everything we know about Challenge Pack 10 in Smash Ultimate including the biggest rumors and announce date speculation.