Sodapoppin could quit OfflineTV Rust server over xQc stream sniping drama

Alex Garton

The drama on the OfflineTV Rust server continues to escalate as Twitch personalities now accuse each other of stream sniping. Sodapoppin — who has now been accused of this himself — has suggested that it may be better if he quit the game altogether.

It’s fair to say the OfflineTV server has been at the root of Rust’s ongoing drama over the past few weeks. From Pokimane quitting to Shroud’s opinion on xQc’s behavior in-game, there’s been no shortage of disagreements between server members.

Most of the drama has centered around PvP, with certain community members preferring a peaceful gameplay experience. This was resolved by Abe ‘BaboAbe’ Chung who opted to start a new RP-orientated OfflineTV server, launching on January 7.

Unfortunately, there are now issues between the server members who want to actively PvP and raid. Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has expressed his frustration over accusations of stream sniping by Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s audience, revealing that it might be better if he just quit Rust to avoid the drama.

Rust players exploring map
OfflineTV’s Rust server has massively boosted the game’s player count.

Sodapoppin speaks out on OfflineTV Rust stream sniping drama

As the raids and PvP continue to rage between Twitch personalities on the server, miscommunication is leading to false accusations of stream-sniping. One example is Sodapoppin, who was accused of stream-sniping after conducting a raid on xQc’s base.

Soda has refuted these claims, stating that he had a good reason to attack: “It’s frustrating, because you have to justify every action you’ve made to a bunch of people that aren’t ever gonna watch a stream, and are gonna side with who they want to side with, no matter what you say to them.”

However, Soda has voiced that he knows why Twitch personalities like xQc believe these rumors, stating that “we’ve told like seven people, but it doesn’t actually matter because the agenda is more fun if we stream-sniped… Greek and xQc, I feel like they’re gonna listen to f***ing anything, because they’re gonna listen to their chat.”

It’s clear that a lack of communication is the reason for the drama, as well as viewers twisting different narratives to cause issues.

Despite this, Soda has stated that xQc is his friend, and that quitting the Rust server may ultimately be the best option to avoid drama.

There’s no doubt that this would resolve the issue, but it’s a shame how easily false information is spread when viewers are jumping between streams to cause issues and attempt to affect friendships.

Fingers crossed that this is sorted as soon as possible, because no one wants to see another big Twitch personality leave the sever.

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