xQc mocks Kyedae for rejecting Kick offer over “morals”

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star xQc mocked fellow creator Kyedae for rejecting an offer she received from Kick due to her moral standards as the platform continues to come under fire.

xQc was in the middle of playing through Elden Ring’s DLC on June 21 when he made a pointed barb toward Twitch streamer Kyedae following her remarks about Kick.

“I was offered to re-sign with Twitch, but to be honest with you dude, I just couldn’t accept it because of morals,” he said. “Every time I go to the website, I keep thinking about all the workers in the sweatshops working to pay me. I can’t do it.”

His comments come after Kyedae confirmed that she’d received an offer from Kick to join their platform. However, Kyedae declined their request, saying that “morally, I didn’t really want to go over to Kick.”

“Even if they did try to exploit me for my cancer… it doesn’t matter. I think it’s weird to say, ‘We can offer her cheaper rates.’ I don’t think there was anyone else publicly battling [cancer], I think.

“I’m not too bothered by it. It doesn’t really matter, because that platform’s f**king dying.”

Kick is at the center of an ongoing controversy after one of its former employees came forward with several accusations against the company, alleging it had an “extremely hostile” work environment among other issues.

One of her accusations claimed that the company had purposefully lowballed a “very beloved” streamer with cancer to join heir platform because “she probably thinks she’s gonna die soon and she’ll want to leave more money for her family.”

Netizens instantly connected this claim to Kyedae, a prominent Twitch streamer who publicly battled Leukemia in 2023. However, Kick streamer xQc denied these claims, saying he’d spoken with Kick’s leadership, who said they’d never given Kyedae an offer at all.

“I asked, and there was no communication to Kyedae from Kick or Stake. I even sent people to investigate if Kick ever said anything to Kyedae and I didn’t get anything,” he said.

Kyedae herself has since debunked xQc’s independent investigation into the matter, but he continues to staunchly defend the platform in the face of the allegations against it, who say they are “taking the allegations seriously” in the response to the controversy.

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