HisWattson quits streaming Apex Legends “until further notice” due to cheaters

Declan Mclaughlin
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Apex Legends streamer and off-and-on pro player Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has said he will not stream the game “until further notice.”

The popular creator cited constant matches with cheaters as his reason for taking an extended hiatus. HisWattson cut his four most recent streams short after loading into Predator rank matches with either stream snipers or cheaters.

His July 8 and July 9 streams were both under an hour long as HisWattson rage quit Apex Legends after only a few games.

The player first expressed his frustrations on July 4 but was still optimistic that he would find matches without a cheater or stream sniper in the following days. But by July 9, HisWattson was over dealing with unfair fights and aim bots.

“Day 4 of having all my games ruined by cheaters. Dude literally has my notifications locked and loaded. Not going to stream Apex until further notice. Sorry everyone,” he said on social media.

During his most recent broadcast, the streamer was hoping to reach the top five on the ranked ladder in Apex Legends, but he quickly abandoned playing the game and said he wouldn’t return until someone at EA or Respawn fixed the issue.

“I’m not playing until I get a message back from someone. I’m literally not going to open Apex until someone tells me they can fix my problem. I’m not doing it, this is so stupid. If they don’t care about me then I’ll play something else,” HisWattson said.

Before ending the stream, the player recounted that a Valorant creator told him Riot Games deals cheaters in their ranked matches more seriously and takes care of their high-end streamers.

“In Valorant when this happens someone not only bans [the cheater] as fast as possible, they’ll sit there and watch their next like 10 games to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s the game that I want to play,” he said.

Whether HisWattson will load up another title during his streams or just remain offline until a Respawn representative responds to him remains to be seen. During his last broadcast, he said he would post about the situation on social media if someone ever got back to him.

Apex has been dealing with cheaters at almost all ranks for years now, and it has started to wear not just on the competitive base but casual players as well. Some are even calling the game close to dead as its active player count has declined, and Respawn and EA have started raising prices for the Battle Pass.

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