Selling Sunset fans are convinced Chrishell Stause is in her villain era

Selling Sunset's Chrishell StauseNetflix

Chrishell Stause was easily thought of as Selling Sunset’s sweetheart back in Season 1. Is it possible that things have truly taken a turn?

When Chrishell Stause first signed on to join the cast of Selling Sunset, she was most likely unaware that so much emotional drama would be headed her way.

Her feud with Christine Quinn was difficult for viewers to watch since it was obvious that Chrishell was being tyrannized by someone who repetitively proved herself to be an instigator.

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Now that Season 7 is here, Chrishell’s general attitude has significantly changed. Here’s what social media users have to say about her “villain era.”

Is Chrishell Stause actually in her villain era on Selling Sunset?

A Reddit thread has been created to discuss the noticeable shifts in Chrishell‘s attitude and personality. The conversation starter simply asked if Chrishell is indeed the new villain of Selling Sunset.

One person wrote, “If Chrishell is the new villain, then maybe this is a sign that it’s her last season lol.”

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Someone else added, “Chrishell is a miserable human being who has become a genuinely awful person over the seasons.

“Her partner obviously isn’t good for her… she’s become cold, soulless, and egotistical. All while following her partner around like a lost puppy with no identity. I’m over it.”

A third person chimed in to say, “Honestly she’s what made me stop watching. She was disgusting last season.”

Not every single Selling Sunset fan is on the same page about this perspective, though. There are plenty of viewers who are still rooting for Chrishell – despite the angst she’s portrayed on camera.

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Chrishell Stause and Nicole young arguing on Selling Sunset.

One fan wrote, “She seems sooo much happier these days so I wonder if it’s just getting used to standing up for herself and feeling like she’s allowed to take up space even if she f***s up or is obnoxious at times. I’m happy for her [shrug emoji].”

Others highlighted the fact that Netflix producers wouldn’t dare give Chrishell a genuinely bad edit since they know her presence on the show is so crucial to its overall success.

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