Selling Sunset’s fans slam Chrishell Stause for “embarrassing” ticket sales

Je'Kayla Crawford
Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause

Chrishell Stause is selling tickets for her one-night-only show in the UK and Selling Sunset fans have noticed that it’s not going well.

Since the seventh season premiered on Netflix months ago and Season 8 has not received a release date, there is tons of downtime for the Selling Sunset girls.

Aside from their occasional red carpet appearances (one of which turned into a full-on roast from the entire fanbase), this is their chance to spend time with family or pursue other interests.

One of the OGs of the series is none other than former soap opera actress Chrishell Stause. From her acting career to real estate, there are tons of stories and secrets she could tell, which is exactly what she is trying to do.

On April 30, Chrishell will be doing a one-night-only show in London, where she will address all burning questions and spill some tea. 

Despite being only a few short weeks away, there are still hundreds of tickets available for purchase.

As soon as the Selling Sunset fandom found out, they quickly took to Reddit to share their reaction to the ticket sales, or lack thereof.

One fan wrote, “Surely the show won’t go ahead unless something drastically changes?! She’s coming a long way to play an empty venue – they should at least downgrade it to somewhere smaller?!?”

Another fan chimed in and added, “She doesn’t dance or sing or have an education or did anything remarkable. She was on B list soap operas years ago and is now on a B list reality show on Netflix. This is embarrassing.”

“I live in London but don’t see the point in this at all… I mean what is she going to do? Sing? Dance? For £50+? Just talk? The palladium is big, whole thing seems a bit weird,” a fan also commented.

As of now, there haven’t been updates on whether or not the show will be pushed back or if the prices of the tickets will be lowered to promote sales.

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